My sister Maggie is very inspirational.  She is a hard worker, compassionate, and thoughtful. She has recently committed to really research the candidates and make an educated vote this November. She’s been listening intently to both sides of the story, and we were chatting a bit about it when she was at my house recently. We decided we wanted to vote FOR someone, not just against a candidate.

My struggle is that I like to be  sure of my decisions.  I am an extreme person by nature- so naturally I want to be 110% behind a candidate.  I am just not sure that is possible in a presidential election, and that’s really hard for me.  Picking the “best” might not be the “best”- it might just be the “better” than the “worse.” For instance- I’m pro life but I’m also a bit of a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to social services.  These things seem to fall on both sides of the political spectrum. I think immigration is a very complicated issue that can’t just be answered with a yes or a no.  I think a president has less to do with the economy and jobs than we think.  I think the financial situation in Europe has made things really interesting. There are no easy answers. I also have a tiny problem of loving to be right- that is also not possible in politics.

I think Christians (NOT the religious right, there is a difference) have a unique position when it comes to elections.  We can afford to be MUCH more respectful of the candidates and our friends as they voice their opinions.  We have such an opportunity to be great witnesses by honoring authority. We can show mountain moving faith by NOT freaking out and threatening to move to Canada if someone wins an election.  No matter who is elected- Jesus is still on the throne.

This prayer at the Democratic National Convention struck me.  The woman is the founder of the Blood:Water Mission.  I’d like to model my prayers for the candidates and our nation after hers:

Here’s an article Mag recommended to me that I’d like to pass along to you: 7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics. 

Here’s a prayer guide that I think is really useful: 2012 Election Prayer Guide


Here’s to making an educated vote in 2012!

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