GOOD EATS: Treats from the past weeks!

I’ve had lots of good food in the past few weeks & I’d love to share some of them with you!

1. Cupcakes from The Coffee Shop

Betsy & I went to Liberty Market (so delicious….if you haven’t been there…go. now!) for lunch a while ago, but we really wanted something sweet afterwards! We decided to head to The Coffee Shop for their AWESOME cupcakes.  I really wanted to try their famous, Cupcake Wars winning Coffee & Cigarettes Cupcake.  They were out of them that day. Boohoo!  We decided on the Mixed Berry Cupcake and the Orange Ginger Cupcake.  We spit them- SO GOOD!  The mixed berry had these yummy fresh cherries and the orange frosting on the Orange Ginger cupcake was divine! They all have these fun glittery sparkles on top.

Not to mention this is a great place to go, hang out, and do work! It’s also a popular spot for moms to meet up…or at least it was on the day we visited! Also- it should be noted that I am a total cupcake snob, and these pass my test!


2. Treats from Essence Bakery

One weekend, I met up with Abby & her sister for some breakfast & thrifting.  We went to Essence Bakery in Tempe.  They are famous for their croissants & macarons.  I tried both! I had the almond croissant & an iced coffee.  The coffee was good- not the best I’ve ever had.  I wish the buttertastic croissant tasted bad…but it didn’t. It’s fatty self tasted delicious.

Abby got a little macron sampler- we split most of them. So yum! My fav was the hazelnut one.  My least fav was the rose one. Not into food that tastes like perfume.  This would be such a fun gift to give, too! Look how cute they are (and how cute is Abby?!?!):

3. Pretzel Bites from Red Robin

If you love soft pretzels…or carbs…the way I do-go order these right away. They are delicious.  They come with a cheese sauce (Made with some kind of beer. It’s deliciously yeasty) and a great mustard.  If you ask me, it makes a great meal! I wouldn’t want to share them with anyone. Plus! It comes in a fun elevated basket thing! It’s so fun!

Yay! I’d love to hear if you have had any yummy treats lately!


Katie Cannon

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