Fall coming means warm & cozy foods! The entire state of Arizona spends their time pretending that we experience fall even though we have nothing of the sort.  In  the ever challenging adventures of cooking healthy, delicious, & cheap things for one- I’ve found a few recipes that fit the bill!

I love Taste of Home for recipes because they are always simple with minimal ingrediants.  Many of their recipes have “makeover” versions that have some ingrediants substituted to make them more healthy.  I made the Makeover Chicken & Broccli Braid– it was good! Ok don’t be jealous of my awesome food photography:


Here are a few things I changed: I totally left out the dill because everyone left nasty comments about it. I also left out the almonds because I didn’t have any and they didn’t really seem important to me. Ha! I also only used 1 tube of crescent rolls because I was making a smaller version.  The nice thing about this recipe is that the left overs were AWESOME. This was easy to portion out & eat for a few meals.

I also made a little quinoa breakfast thing. Weight Watcher’s Recipe for Quinoa & Apple’s Breakfast Cereal
was delish! One of those breakfasts that really “sticks” with you because of the quinoa.  I used Trader Joe’s multi colored quinoa and it looked especially fall-ish.  Oh! And I made this the night before- it’d be super easy if you were already making something with quinoa for dinner.

On the Quinoa kick- I made this Quinoa Mexi 6 Layer caserole. I didn’t take any pics of it, but it was awesome! It provided many meals and was great reheated.  I subbed real cheese (tofu cheese=expensive and gross) and ground turkey (because I like the way it tastes).

Yum! Obviously I’m in the mood to make something pumpkin-y and I’m going grocery shopping later! We’ll see what I come up with! I’d love to hear about your fall recipes too!!


Katie Cannon


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