It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back!

Here are my HIGH FIVE from this week.

1. Figuring out how to make my homemade Passion Tea Lemonade!

It tastes JUST like the Starbucks version and it costs like 20c a cup. Delish!
I’ll post my directions soon!!!

2. South Mountain Hike with Mag!

Last weekend, Mag and I woke up EARLY to hike South Mountain. We took a biiiit of a detour through a neighborhood, but it was so fun! My fav part is that you have a really good view of the WHOLE campus! Fun!

3. Free Ice Cream at Culvers/going to Culvers in general. 

Frozen custard is a midwestern staple and an Arizona rarity.  Right now, if you join their text club or check in on four square, you can get a free scoop (a BIG scoop!) of frozen custard. So bad for you but SO SO GOOD! Plus who doesn’t love hanging out with weirdos like these peeps:

4. Produce from Superstition Ranch Market

Out of this loveliness (that cost like $10. including 3 cartons of berries!), I made massaged kale salad, tortilla soup, overnight oats, and more! Yum!

5. Promises for Your Everyday Life, a daily devotional from Joyce Meyer

I found this Bible reading plan on the YouVerse Bible App & I love it! My phone reminds me every day to read it and it’s really helpful! I read the verse & the devo, then I take some time to pray and journal.  It adds a common thread and some consistency to my quiet times. I like that.

What a week! I’m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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