A round up of weird things I found on the internet……


1. A $300 Paper Bag Purse

Yes- that paper bag looking thing is actually a $300 “handbag.” Ok actually $290. Go here to read Man Repeller’s thoughts about the bag and Karl Lagerfeld’s quote, “The future of fashion is to spend a lot of money without looking like you spent it.” Also- a bit of a warning- she loves the F bomb, so…read with caution!


2. Reddit’s AMA: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Are you familiar with Reddit’s AMA’s? It stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Barack Obama did one recently. Basically someone posts like “I am an acrobatic pastry chef. AMA” and people post all of their questions for that person. They take the time to provide proof that they are what they say they are and answer lots of questions.  I particularly enjoyed this AMA from a girl who was on Legends of the Hidden Temple as a child. It had TONS of fascinating info- like your parents aren’t allowed to watch and you have to take a test to get on on the show and basically every thing I would be wondering. I love AMAs!



3.Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others?

I was curious. I googled it. I found an answer..kind of.  This article from Science Line explains a bit about what may predispose you to lots of mosquito bites.




4. A Hollister Store in England Is So Dark People Are Getting Lost Inside

Yes- this is happening. Read the article from New York Magazine here.

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