CUTE IDEA: Fall Fest Road Trip Treats!

I love making fun treats for people! (Like these keys! Or these popcorn bags!) We had some info we needed to communicate to the people going to Fall Fest & I figured I could make it cute!

I knew I wanted to include a Fall Treat, but everything I found on the internet seemed a little labor intensive. (Even though I love caramel corn and these cute  corn cob cookies and these cute pumpkins!) Caramel Apple Pops seemed fall-ish & easy to me!

I decided to make little booklets.

For the cover, I found this Fall Bucket List!Isn’t it so cute?!? I found it via Pinterest. It’s on this website.

It was the only one I found that was appropriate for our event. I also liked this one, this one, and this one.

The middle page was made up of these car bingo sheets from Martha Stewart. I knew I wanted to include a car activity & this was simply designed.

The last page was an info sheet- directions & addresses that people would need throughout the trip!

I stapled all 3 pages together then used this hole punch to make 2 holes. It punches rectangles & it’s useful for gift-y things.

I poked the Caramel Apple Pop through the holes- and simple car treats were born! And look!

Someone actually did bingo!!!

I know this is a painfully simple idea. It’s sort of silly that I just posted these steps. I hope- should someone find this- that it helps spark an idea for them! I liked making them & giving them! Here’s to more fun fall ideas!

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