FALL FEST!!!! Part 1!

Wow! It’s been a crazy little while here! In the last week, I babysat over night, spoke at Chi Alpha, got a 2 day migraine and took 35 students to Prescott! Whoa! I’m tired!

ASU introduced a Fall Break into their academic calendar and Chi Alpha took full advantage! This idea was birthed this summer as we were talking about the calendar and how we should do something fall-ish. People in Phoenix have an insane fascination with fall- mostly because it doesn’t really exist for them. It’s basically the equivalent of a unicorn to these people. The minute the thermometer falls below 75, people are in scarves and drinking hot chocolate. I’m not exaggerating. Even though I grew up in the Midwest, I’ve adapted to the valley of the sun’s mentality. The other day I thought, “Wow- It feels so nice outside!” and the temperature was 90*. Again- no exaggeration. Therefore- we designed an event to experience the fullness of fall and to let people from other countries experience an American fall! Jokingly, I said, “Yeah- we can call it FALL FEST! It can be like SWEATERS, LEAVES, LATTES- FALL FEST!” After little brainstorming, we decided the name should just be Fall Fest. We couldn’t think of a better one. The funny thing was- people totally got behind it. #FallFest!

It took forever to decide what to pack for this overnight trip- I mean, again, fall is a rarity so you have to pick the right outfit. Luckily…. I have sisters.

We all met up on Sunday morning and I was delighted that people were decked out it boots, sweaters, and scarves! I had little car treats for everyone!

We headed to Prescott and had lunch at the Prescott Brewing Company– aka PBC. It’s like a Chi Alpha/Prescott trip tradition. It is so yummy and they did such an amazing job of accommodating our large party. (Seriously- who goes out to eat with 35 of their friends?!)

After that- we headed to the Fall version of Disney Land- aka the Pumpkin Patch! We went to Mortimer Family Farms & it did not disappoint! First of all- they had a hay ride that took you from the parking lot to the patch. SO FUN! Once we got inside, we kicked things off with a bit of a photo shoot with the gourds:

The corn maze was…a hilarious experience. There were many “corny” jokes made and references to being in the Hunger Games. Hahahah We did the “hard” track (They had 3 difficulty levels.). It took us about 45 minutesBUT it would have taken us much less time if we had not been led astray! Inside the maze, there were several “Corn Cops”- employees who help you if you get lost. Unfortunately, this guy was confused and kept sending us to dead ends. Hahah It was FUN! (The last time I did a corn maze, I got lost and peed my pants. This was an upgrade.)

Then we experienced the fullness of the pumpkin patch! Elements Hair Gallerie had a booth & was doing hair feathers & hair tinsel! These stylists were so fun! They all had edgy hair cuts and I wanted to be their friends. Lots of the girls got the feathers put in their hair!

The highlight of the pumpkin patch for me was the apple cider! They were making it there with this giant contraption:

Here are some friends observing the process & enjoying the cider:

Bets&Abby waited in line with about 70 nine year olds for the bungee jumper. Totally entertaining to witness.


After experiencing everything the patch had to offer-including funnel cakes & kettle corn- we ate dinner and headed to the campground where more fall fun awaited us!!!

to be continued..,,,,

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