FALL FEST: Part 2!

you can read part 1 here.

After dinner was eaten and pumpkins were picked up, we headed to Granite Hills Retreat & Conference Center for the night. OH WAIT! First actually we went to Starbucks for a PSL. Aka A Pumpkin Spice Latte aka The official drink of fall.

THEN we headed to the campground. After giving the “You will not go into the opposite genders room under any circumstances including fire” speech, we settled in and headed to the fire. The highlight of my night was carving pumpkins with some new friends.  They’re from China so they had never carved pumpkins before! I carved the state of AZ into my pumpkin and Abby & Vicky made a really cute heart! Charles helped me carve my pumpkin so precisely! He even did a little star over Phoenix! I kept calling him “the master!” because he was so good at it! It is SO fun to share these fun American traditions!

I ate my 1 s’more of the year around the campfire.  I like the IDEA of s’mores but I don’t really like marshmallows and I always burn them anyways. Ha. But it was Fall Fest so I had to make one. We also told embarrassing stories, sang songs, and enjoyed some AMAZING stars! One giant shooting star caused everyone to give a big cheer. It was the perfect fall night!

That night, I had the worst sleep of my life! I was freezing and Mag said she heard me the whole night tossing & turning on the plastic sheets.  I’m pretty sure my body just decided to give up and pass out. I was so sleepy!!!!!

The next morning, a handful of people woke up EARLY to go on a brief hike.  Mag & Bets & I secretly (Guess it’s not a secret now!) snuck away to have a quiet breakfast at one of my favorite spots in Prescott- Creekside! It’s sort of hidden, and the food is awesome, but it’s too small to accommodate so many people.


We got back when everyone got back from the hike, cleaned up, and everyone headed to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  This Cracker Barrel did an AMAZING job of accommodating our party of over 30 people! (who goes out to eat with that many people?!)

The manager came over for a chat- he was from Phoenix and his daughter had recently graduated from ASU. We enjoyed the rocking chairs on the front porch and played checkers and looked at all the kitschy stuff in the shop.  OH and Abby tried Wax bottles for the first time. Totally hilarious. (Abby! If you’re reading this- I think you look super cute in all these pics!!!)

From there we split up- a group of people went off to go shoot some guns.  (Terrifying to me! But they had a ton of fun!) and the rest of us did a little shopping in the square.  I got these keys ($1 each!).  I think I’m going to make them into a necklace.  I love keys. 🙂

We also spent many hours just laying in the grass in front of the courthouse.  We discussed deep questions like:
“If a guy is coming to pick you up for a first date, should he come to your door or just text you? What if you live in a fourth floor apartment?”

“If you had been dating someone for 2 year, and then you guys are swimming & you discover he/she has been hiding a very small tattoo on his/her face- is it a deal breaker?”‘

A couple of the guys even played guitar on the street and made a few bucks! After much debate, we decided to go back to PBC for dinner and then hit the road. I was completely exhausted after wards, but it was so much fun! So many memories made and so many pictures taken! FALL FEST!

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