Intense game, but the Sun Devils came out victorious…and on Tucson soil.  Nothing could be sweeter.


I went to True Food Kitchen with my sisters after church on Sunday. (So delish. I went there with my mom this summer.).  The whole thing was hilarious.  Scottsdale Quarter offers excellent people watching, the table next to us was a couple on a blind date, and Maggie tried kale.  Very fun.

3. XA Art’s Night

This is always one of my fav Chi Alpha’s of the year! People demonstrate their God given creativity through a million different ways- stand up comedy, cupcakes, clapping, and more! Michelle did an amazing job juggling all that needed to be done. Oh and Chandler made one HILARIOUS video. Even more hilarious if you know Kent.

4. My parking job.

The crazy thing is..I parked, went inside, and then when I came out I realize I parked like this.  All I could think of was this:

5. Someone named their child hash tag.

Seriously…that is hilarious. Read the article here.



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Recently, I’ve found some new photo apps that have been super helpful to me.  Since I do LOTS and LOTS of social media stuff for Chi Alpha, I’m ALWAYS posting photos to our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Blog.  Since I don’t have Photoshop and I hate doing anything in Word, I use my phone. Yes, it’s true! Here are the apps I’ve been using lots lately.

1. Phonto

I love love love this app for adding text to my photos. It has so many cute fonts and I keep discovering new ways to use it! Some of the reviews complain that it’s “too much of a utility” and “not fun”…but like who cares? And what if you think fonts are fun, huh?

2. Fuzel

I’ve been a long time lover of Diptic for making collages. I love Diptic, I do…but I’ve been cheating on it with Fuzel.  Not only does Fuzel have simmilar collage options to Diptic, it also lets me have a little more control over photos.  It also has like a million cool add ons that you have to pay for. I’ve paid for like 2 apps in my life (Diptic & Nike+)…and I’m considering purchasing the upgrades. Also, it has a really cute interface! It looks like your turning pages in a book when you go to add a new photo.

3. Heartbooth

I don’t use this one frequently, but I think it’s cool. This app lets you make cool collages that make shapes. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that right… it lets you do this:

It gives you a pattern:

And you take pix that fit the pattern:

4. Photowizard Lite

This is the app I use for blurring or pixelating sections of a photo out.  It’s useful when you want to post text convos but you only want to publicize the non embarrassing parts…or you want to protect a 3rd party.  This app is a little bit confusing to work with, but once you get the hang of it, it’s nice.

I’m always on the look out for new photo apps- let me know if you come accross any that you love!


I really didn’t mean to get sucked into the beast that is Pinterest….it just sort of happened. Kind of like the girl in the horror film who just HAS to check out the basement. And it’s so stinkin’ useful! Like google for Katie! I really wanted to start incorporating some strength training into my workouts because I kept reading all of this stuff about how you can’t just do cardio. Lezzz be honest- the weight section of the gym can be very intimidating for a lady! I always see those cute little workouts on the Pinterest- cute fonts and like cute names (like the 5,4,3,2,1 work out or beach babe booty work out.). I decided to dive in to the Pin….and oh would I regret it later.

I came across what was called the “Beginners Crossfit Style WOD” from The Asecnt Blog. (WOD stands for Workout of the Day). Crossfit is so trendy and I love how everyone who does Crossfit loves each other. (Plus one of my fav bloggers is super into Crossfit) I thought- hey! Why not! I don’t even need any equiptment. It was called “The Ladder”- not too intimidating, right? Wrong- just like the guy who’s idea it is to all split up and search for the murderer. I failed to really read the work out. Before I knew it, I had my Hulu tuned to Pretty Little Liars & my yoga mat rolled out. What came next…can only be described as terrible & embarrassing.



Here we are on our first $100 Wednesdays- where I try to raise $100 in monthly support! I thought I should give people some reasons- 100 of ’em- as to WHY ON EARTH you should give me your HARD EARNED money!

If you are interested in joining my team, please contact me either at katie@asuchialpha.com OR 224-520-3234.

You can give online here.

And now—-100 reasons why you should support me monthly as a missionary with Chi Alpha!

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my sister maggie is the future mother of 27 football players. or she could be….she cooked an amazing thanksgiving dinner- including a turkey- and it turned out AMAZING! seriously! the turkey was so moist, the stuffing was good (and i don’t even like stuffing!), and the CORN CASSEROLE….oh I’ll be dreaming about it for days!

since she locked up the food, i announced that i would be in charge of the thanksgiving craft. (it’s a thing now.) i was on the hunt for something cheap, useful, and fun! i stumbled across this idea for a sharpie mug. i came across some sites that said it worked like a charm and others said it was a total fail. well…i scoured the internet for every way things could have gone wrong, changed them, and it was successful for me!

you can find the general directions here. but here are my overall observations:

-this is not a craft that is destined to be a family heirloom for 270 years, but it does work.

-we used bic marks-a-lot and sharpies. both worked.

-the colors darken & lose vibrancy during the baking progress. i made a sample mug with all of the colors (in the image at the top) so people knew what theirs would look like.

-we used dollar store mugs and wiped them with windex before hand.

-put the mugs in a cold oven, turn the oven on to 375*, set the timer for 45 minutes. turn off the oven and keep the mugs in the oven until the mugs cool. you can’t really overcook ’em. 🙂

-the red bic marks-a-lot had a hard time sticking. black sharpie worked the best.


I also know that some people look at a blank canvas and freak out- so i made 2 inspiration boards from all of the internet searching I did.

of course, mine is asu theme. complete with the entire fight song on the top. this was a fun activity that fit a wide range of people- it would be super fun for a small group to do or any other occasion with people gathered. each mug was different- just like all of the little artists! oh and way cheaper than as you wish! ha!

PS: Hi Pinterest-ers! You might also like these other Cute Ideas! Or this Super Easy DIY Make Up Organizer!


because my family is split between AZ & IL, we usually spend thanksgiving apart.  christmas is just too close and plane tickets cost like a million dollars. this year, my sisters and our dear friends (who have family on the other side of the country too!) decided to spend thanksgiving together! they came up with the idea of doing a turkey trot to kick off our day- and it was  a GREAT idea!

we chose mesa’s 43rd annual turkey trot run by the sertoma club! it was an early morning- but that was sort of the point! we wanted to get our day started! we got registered by some slightly confused highschool boy. the whole thing was semi comical because, with the exception of 1 member of our party, we were planning to walk the 2 mile fun run.

we put our bibs on with pride and sized up our competition- 3 year olds, moms, and grandparents. 🙂 oh and we took 1 million group photos because- isnt that was the holidays are all about?!

we lined up at the starting line and got ready to trot our socks off around mesa’s red mountain park. don’t you just love a good balloon arch?!

we walked. we talked. we talked about what we were going to eat in a few hours. we got ribbons. we giggled. we made it to the finish line in about 45 minutes. (getting behind jogging strollers tends to slow you down. a warning for any competitive fun runners out there.)

then we waited for our fearless 10k-er to finish. it was cah-razy to see some people have 5 minute mile times! that is insane! what is also insane is that this guy ran the entire 10k in a turkey suit:

it was a super fun way to kick off thanksgiving and i hope it can be a yearly tradition for our family for years to come!


this was certainly another week full of highs! i love the holiday season (duh- who doesn’t?!?!) and thanksgiving is like THE kick off!

1. a successful pinterest project! ill post more about that later!

2. produce! superstition ranch market came through AGAIN and i made this delish recipe and discovered that i LOVE brussel sprouts!

3. vlife thanks giving! that’s right- I got to have 2 thanksgivings!! vlife hosted a great dinner for all of the chi alpha kids. we didn’t lift a finger- they served us so well! so fun!

4. outdoor movie night! last friday we had an out door movie night for the chi alpha girls- so so so fun! huge screen, parent hood status lights, friends, and food!

5. holiday beverages! this was my first red cup of the season and i got to enjoy it with some very fun people.


I’m hoping to add another “high” tonight- my beloved Sun Devil’s take on the Wildcats for the Territorial Cup! G O D E V I L’S! I’m already wearing my “beat the cats” shirt. 🙂