I had the fabulous privilege of planning the Chi Alpha costume party this year! I’m a little rusty in planning events like this & it was at a venue we had never used before, but I’m really happy with how it went! Obviously, 90% of the reason it was successful was because Chi Alpha is full of amazing, hardworking, fun students that are great at helping. 🙂 (Especially when I exploded a bottle of Dr. Pepper…twice and they still mopped it up for me. #thisismylife.)

Shall we try to model this post after a Hostess With the Mostess Post? OK. I will. Pretend that I’m a fancy party planner with all of my food labeled. Also, it should be noted that I assume every party will be a disaster until it is good & over. This is why I look like a psycho in all of my photos.


Like I said, we had never had a party at Campus Christian Center- C3 before. Our little party planning committee decided we should keep it simple & fallish. Kristen brought tons of cute pumpkins and even constructed this amazing scarecrow!

Scarecrow pictured center.

Perfect for our photo booth headed up by the very talented Chandler! Disposable tablecloths were the way to go because of the caramel factor. Next time, I think I’d figure out a better way to utilize the stage as a focal point.


Students were asked to bring things by their last name- A-M: Apples & a caramel apple topping (chocolate chips, m&m’s, peanuts, etc.) or N-Z: Drinks & a salty snack. Again, I was convinced we were going to end up with one apple and half of an m&m. BUT of course people brought tons of fun toppings! Coconut, Nerds, Andes mints, Oreos…..very fun!

I scoured the internet for every possible way a caramel apple bar could work or go wrong. Here’s how we did the caramel apple bar: We bought those bags of little wrapped caramels. The girls tirelessly unwrapped each one. We threw them in a Crock Pot with a splash of water for about 2hours on low, stirring every half hour. Miraculously, none of it burned! It did take a long time to melt though. Also, we didn’t throw all the caramel in. Once it got going, we just continued to add more caramel squares. It was easier for them to melt that way. Thanks to Emily for that expertise!!!!

We designated ONE dipper, because I had heard dipping was really messy. So a person would go through the line, stick a Popsicle stick in the apple & hand it to the dipper. The dipper dipped the apple in caramel, put it in a bowl, handed it back to the person, and let them know it took a few minutes for the caramel to set. (Some sites I found told me to put them in the fridge to encourage setting) Now the person had to pick what they wanted to sprinkle on their apple! If I did this again, I would find different sticks. Popsicle sticks aren’t as sturdy as I’d hoped. Also, things like mini chocolate chips melted in the hot caramel.  It tasted delicious but looked…not cute. See the photo:

Haha. All in all, it was super fun and was a great activity!!!


Someone brought up this idea in our planning meeting, and I couldn’t resist bringing it back to my elementary school days! Unfortunately we put this kind of off to the side, and I don’t think many people actually did it. Next time, I’d put it in a more central location. Also, Kristen made this bile that was…so awesomely gross.

Here are the ones I made:
“brains”- cold cooked spaghetti
“old toenails”- a cut up subway cup
“eye balls”- peeled grapes (boil the grapes & the skin comes right off!)
“snot”- relish mixed with dish soap
“cartilage”- these weird mesh things that were wrapped around pears

I used paper grocer bags.  I cut an X in the lower half of the bag and then the label acted as a flap to cover up the hole.  Then, I put the gross out item inside & folded the top of the bag over. It seemed to work well!

We also did a donut eating contest. You hang up the donut and the people had to eat it with no hands. Again, the placement of this was kind of wrong and I wish we would have held the contest in the center of the room instead of off to the side. The people who did it had fun though!!


My DJ booth. I’m basically Paris Hilton.

I was DJ-ing for a long time which meant I was playing a lot of Backstreet Boys & Spice girls. Luckily for everyone else, Jordan stepped in with a little Gangnam Style and Mmm Bop. This is what our formula ended up being :
Old Song (2 minutes)
New Song(2 minutes)
Dance Song (Electric Slide/Cha Cha Slide/Macarena)

Again- this was all under Jordan’s guidance. It seemed to help the party keep rolling.

Overall, it was so fun! It was a party! Christians had fun and no one died! Let me know if you try the caramel apple bar- it was so fun!


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