Chi Alpha Girl’s Brunch + Free Printable

This past Saturday, Candi hosted a Fall Brunch for all of the girls in Chi Alpha. It was a laid back morning with new and old friends.

People brought TONS of yummy food & juice!


It was so nice to eat & chat outside….AZ is finally under 100 degrees!





Candi shared about the importance of being friends with girls, building each other up, and investing our time well. She did a bunch of Fall themed giveaways that we really fun- a scarf, cute earrings, etc etc. The only picture I have of her is her praying…… (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone I was taking pics!)


(Oh excpet I did get this pic of her being like a model for “Mom Bloggers Magazine- Home to the cute, stylish women who have it all”:

Haha Juuuuust kidding!)

We finished off the morning with our Secret Sister Kick Off! Everyone fills out a card and then puts them in a hat. You pick someone else and then secretly bring them presents throughout the semester. At the Christmas party, you reveal your identity. It’s super fun and we already have a board of ideas on our XA Girl Pinterest page!

These are the little forms I designed! The could be used for lots of different things. They aren’t anything fancy, but I thought I would share them here!

You can access the file here.

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