This has been…a week! Busy personally, spiritually, emotionally….  Friday came too quickly! I’m headed to the AG Youth Convention this afternoon & tomorrow to promote Chi Alpha & I’m really excited! (Did you know 5 out of 7 kids who grew up in church will fall away from their faith once they come to college? Yuck!) Anyways, here are my high five for this week!

1. Personal Break Through. I’m writing a post about this for tomorrow, but I’m just seeing some very small progress in my life.  I was at a women’s event for my church on Tuesday, and they read this book. “How do you hug a porcupine?” it asks.  Very carefully.

2. SECRET SISTER! This is an annual Chi Alpha tradition for the girls. It’s really fun and I got an AMAZING treat from my SS this week at Chi Alpha. She like KNEW me! Very fun!

3. Quinoa & Kale! After finding this article full of recipes, I have been obsessed with Quinoa & Kale- especially these chicken tenders! I have yet to find a Joaquin burger that has been successful- any one have one?

4. My Varf or Scavest. This week I took a fashion risk and wore my scarf as a belted vest thing. I felt like an art teacher or something.

5. Jimmy Phillips is the real deal! He spoke at Chi Alpha this week & it was so challenging! Live the Gospel where ever you are and as who ever you are.


That’s it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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