I saw this sign this sign the other day in a parking lot. I think I might need to carry it around or something- I feel like I’ve been working on some pretty major things in my life lately. The weird thing is- it feels like it’s the second time around for lots of them. The second layer of the onion.

The glorious thing is that, as I let Jesus shine more light into these dark areas, it has not as painful or scary as I thought it was going to be. I think I winced a little bit to hard before being vulnerable. It’s proof that He is faithful to complete the good work He started in me. He’s willing to go a little deeper.

When I was in Redding, I had a Sozo appointment and I got this picture of Jesus as an archeologist. He had lots of precise tools and was inviting me to excavate some things in my heart. He had the tools, the brushes, and the little picks to do it very carefully. Still, this sounded terrible and scary. Sometimes it just sounds not worth it- I’m surviving, right? Life will go on, right? But I know there is so much more than survival- there is Life! and life Abundant!

I was at a Bible study thing on Tuesday, and Kathleen spoke on “Love always trusts.” This doesn’t mean we have to trust other people no matter what- but we can be confident that Love Himself (God) is trust worthy. We can trust God in people & trust Him to pick up the pieces if people fail.

She read us this book called How Do You Hug A Porcupine. You can listen to it here:

I had been thinking the week prior, “I feel like there are areas of my life that are so broken and jagged, that if anyone gets close, they will surely get hurt. ” When the Kathleen asked if anyone knew any porcupines (or people in their lives that were difficult to love), I was like “YES! I am a porcupine!”

The beautiful thing is that the book gives a very simple answer to the question.
How do you hug a porcupine?

Very carefully.

I am so thankful that there are people in my life that are willing to look beyond my scary barbs and take a risk to love me. I am so thankful that there is unending safety and love in Christ Jesus. I am committed to staying the course- caution: work ahead!

PS: Truth be told- I can’t stand cryptic bloggers/tweeters/people, but sometimes it’s just what has to be. I probably feel this way because I can be weirdly nosey. Ha! All that to say- sorry if you didn’t get the juicy deets you were looking for!

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