my sister maggie is the future mother of 27 football players. or she could be….she cooked an amazing thanksgiving dinner- including a turkey- and it turned out AMAZING! seriously! the turkey was so moist, the stuffing was good (and i don’t even like stuffing!), and the CORN CASSEROLE….oh I’ll be dreaming about it for days!

since she locked up the food, i announced that i would be in charge of the thanksgiving craft. (it’s a thing now.) i was on the hunt for something cheap, useful, and fun! i stumbled across this idea for a sharpie mug. i came across some sites that said it worked like a charm and others said it was a total fail. well…i scoured the internet for every way things could have gone wrong, changed them, and it was successful for me!

you can find the general directions here. but here are my overall observations:

-this is not a craft that is destined to be a family heirloom for 270 years, but it does work.

-we used bic marks-a-lot and sharpies. both worked.

-the colors darken & lose vibrancy during the baking progress. i made a sample mug with all of the colors (in the image at the top) so people knew what theirs would look like.

-we used dollar store mugs and wiped them with windex before hand.

-put the mugs in a cold oven, turn the oven on to 375*, set the timer for 45 minutes. turn off the oven and keep the mugs in the oven until the mugs cool. you can’t really overcook ’em. 🙂

-the red bic marks-a-lot had a hard time sticking. black sharpie worked the best.


I also know that some people look at a blank canvas and freak out- so i made 2 inspiration boards from all of the internet searching I did.

of course, mine is asu theme. complete with the entire fight song on the top. this was a fun activity that fit a wide range of people- it would be super fun for a small group to do or any other occasion with people gathered. each mug was different- just like all of the little artists! oh and way cheaper than as you wish! ha!

PS: Hi Pinterest-ers! You might also like these other Cute Ideas! Or this Super Easy DIY Make Up Organizer!


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