because my family is split between AZ & IL, we usually spend thanksgiving apart.  christmas is just too close and plane tickets cost like a million dollars. this year, my sisters and our dear friends (who have family on the other side of the country too!) decided to spend thanksgiving together! they came up with the idea of doing a turkey trot to kick off our day- and it was  a GREAT idea!

we chose mesa’s 43rd annual turkey trot run by the sertoma club! it was an early morning- but that was sort of the point! we wanted to get our day started! we got registered by some slightly confused highschool boy. the whole thing was semi comical because, with the exception of 1 member of our party, we were planning to walk the 2 mile fun run.

we put our bibs on with pride and sized up our competition- 3 year olds, moms, and grandparents. 🙂 oh and we took 1 million group photos because- isnt that was the holidays are all about?!

we lined up at the starting line and got ready to trot our socks off around mesa’s red mountain park. don’t you just love a good balloon arch?!

we walked. we talked. we talked about what we were going to eat in a few hours. we got ribbons. we giggled. we made it to the finish line in about 45 minutes. (getting behind jogging strollers tends to slow you down. a warning for any competitive fun runners out there.)

then we waited for our fearless 10k-er to finish. it was cah-razy to see some people have 5 minute mile times! that is insane! what is also insane is that this guy ran the entire 10k in a turkey suit:

it was a super fun way to kick off thanksgiving and i hope it can be a yearly tradition for our family for years to come!

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