Here we are on our first $100 Wednesdays- where I try to raise $100 in monthly support! I thought I should give people some reasons- 100 of ’em- as to WHY ON EARTH you should give me your HARD EARNED money!

If you are interested in joining my team, please contact me either at katie@asuchialpha.com OR 224-520-3234.

You can give online here.

And now—-100 reasons why you should support me monthly as a missionary with Chi Alpha!

1. We’re reaching future leaders with the Gospel & therefor impacting the ethics & standards of future industries.

2. 5 out of 7 kids who grew up in church will choose to leave the church once they get to college. This sucks! We invest so much in the youth! Let’s change that!

3. People who are discipled, disciple other people.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

4. People get baptized!

5. Chi Alpha is counteracting the “entitlement” mindset of our generation.

6. Annually, we send out 3 different missions teams that help impoverished people and plant the seeds for students to do this long term.

7. It effects whole families- like mine!

8. Students are being called out of shame, insecurity and into their true callings!

9. International Students! Missions in our back yard- 116 nations are represented at ASU!

10. ASU is the largest university in the nation- what would happen if 80,000 + students were mobilized to live a Gospel centered life?

11. We’re building community. Loneliness & depression is a huge problem on campus.

12. I can’t imagine doing anything else! It really is everything that I’m good at rolled into one job!

13. ASU’s business school is ranked in the top 25- wouldn’t it be great to have more Christian/ethical business people?!

14. ASU’s known as a PARTY SCHOOL! Light shines the brightest in the darkness!

15. Hiking trips teach perseverance, encourage community, and plant the seeds for life long friendships.

16.ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College is one of the nations only residential honors experiences & attracts all the smarties from across the land!

17. Some people would never step foot in a church but they would come to a hike/party/fro yo adventure.

18. College students have TONS OF TIME (despite what they may think :)) Which means they have lots of time to give! To churches, to causes, etc.

19. It changed my life & I believe it can change other people’s lives!

20. ASU’s biology program is ranked in the top 30.  Science is a field that could used more Christians with influence!

21. Because of stories like the ones in this video.

22. Because of stories like this one.

23. Students are learning to serve, like in this story.

24. The American English & Culture Program hosts 500 students a semester- from countries like Saudi Arabia & China.  They come specifically to learn English & learn about the US. Chi Alpha loves to meet them! 🙂

25. We do cool outreaches like this one and this one.

26. Because of the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19-20  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,     and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

27. Because XA is a movement nationally and in our state like in this video.

28. Because it’s really fun to give! God loves a cheerful giver!

29. We host life impacting retreats that produce stories like this one.

30. Because if you sow good seed, you’ll reap good seed! Kingdom finances, baby!

31. It’s hard to reach CEO’s in the boardroom, it’s easier to reach them as undergrads.

32. Because Jesus is still working miracles today!

33. Because everyone deserves to hear the Gospel, at least once.

34. Nursing and Health Innovation ranked in top 4 percent of graduate nursing programs. Wouldn’t you want a Christian nurse when you were really sick?

35. People get physically healed! Like me!

36. Because the Holy Spirit is relevant to everyone.

37. Because college is the time  to discover what you believe. Truth seekers are all over campus.

38.   ASU is one the top 100 Universities in the World according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities

39. Because I’m a volunteer coordinator! Read my interview here.

40. Because students are interested in spiritual things- it’s not rare to meet someone who has gotten their palm read or tarot cards read.

41. Influencers in the media:   For five of the past six years, students in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU finished first or second nationally in the prestigious Hearst Journalism Awards, often referred to as the Pulitzers of college journalism.

42. Because you can get my monthly newsletter with fun trivia!

43. College campuses were founded, in large part, to pursue truth and wisdom.  Chi Alpha is right along with that vision.

44. We pray to see people healed because of words of knowledge like in this story from our Student Leaders retreat.

45. According to Christianity.com, approximately 85 percent of the Millennials are indifferent to the church. Let’s change that!

46. Chi Alpha provides a place for all people to explore their faith.

47. Chi Alpha meets where students are- on campus. We’re in the heart of it all!

48. ASU also has more recent graduates studying abroad on Fulbright grants this year than any other public college except for the University of Michigan, with 20 alumni in 13 different countries. 2 word: global. impact.

49. Chi Alpha is a national movement on over 300 campuses in the United States. #bigimpact

50.  ASU is one the top 100 Universities in the World according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities

51. Chi Alpha is part of the 24 hr Prayer House at ASU. Prayer on college campuses has sparked many, many national awakenings and revivals.

52. Pastors- we encourage students to go to church.  🙂

53. Because you get to be a part of my TEAM! You get to share in all the joy!

54. Because what other church do you know that launches their members off of a ramp into a lake? Watch the video here.

55. Because the seat of power, is on our campus. Watch the video here.

56. 8 small groups meet through out the week!

57. Students in Chi Alpha are being encouraged to Go, Give, & Pray. Like this video.

58.ASU ranks 21st among most influential universities in field of mathematics

59. We do cute things to welcome people like this! It’s a little touches!

60. Because we give students their first Bibles. What a privilege!

61. ASU is in the top 5 for corporate recruitment according to the Wall Street Journal

62. It’s authentic community- rarely does anyone go out to eat in XA without 9 of their closest friends.

63. Because this year, I got to carve a pumpkin & eat Thanksgiving dinner with students who had never done things like this before.

64.Alumni go on to work in all sorts of industries: Chi Alpha missionaries, public service, business, and more.

65. Because (almost) every Wednesday I’m out meetin’ students! Read about the other crazies that are out here.

66. We work with high caliber students- for Pastors appreciation month, they did something nice for Shawn & Candi every day for the whole month! Including yard work! Whoa!

67. Do it for the moms! Mom love that their kids can be part of a family while at college!

68. You should support me so students know that Christianity is not the street preacher that calls them whores and prostitutes. (Oh yeah, it happens all the time on campus.)

69. Because college students are voters. What ethics will influence them?

70.  Because you love me! 😉

71. So you can relive your college years vicariously through me.

72. Chi Alpha loves to call students “world changers.” Because we mean it.

73. Help me live my dream.

74. People in Chi Alpha together, get married together. So that’s fun! Don’t you want to be part of someones love story?!

75. Because you would not believe how much work social media communications is! Blog, twitter, instagram, and facebook- all so students know how to connect!

76. Because you’re always welcome to come to our fun parties & events!

77. To prove to the world that Christians can be fun!

78. Because every student is worth it. Every student has a story.

79. Because Chi Alpha is calling students to a higher standard.

80. Because where else would I find a job where I got to reference the Kardashians when talking about spiritual authority? Exactly.

81. Because Chi Alpha leaders learn how to appropriately handle conflict (we call it care-fronting). wouldn’t you like to work with someone with that skill?

82. New students get welcomed to the family through events like this one.

83. Through my friends in Chi Alpha praying for me, I was healed of a brain cyst!

84. Chi Alpha’s worship team is all students.  Student responsibility is high! That’s a great skill to have!

85. Because students get baptized in the Holy Spirit, experience more freedom and authority, and use it for good on campus & in the world!

86. More time on campus=more students at xa=less students drinking. it’s 7:30p on wednesday, do you know where your college student is?

87. 2 people under 25 support me at $100.month. If that’s not a challenge, I don’t know what is!

88. Because Chi Alpha reaches hundreds of students with an EXTREMELY low budget & no building costs! We’re cost effective!

89. Because this generation loves to get behind a cause (ie KONY 2012, Livestrong), let’s help them get behind one that is eternal.

90. We’ve been able to make long term commitments to serve with missionaries all over the world.

91. Because we’re encouraging girls to not be mean to each other! No more mean girls- but sisters! By doing events like this one.

92. Our weekly meeting is right in the middle of the union- proclaiming the name of Jesus for all to hear!

93. With new grants & funding, many veterans are coming to campus after serving long & hard. They need compassion & support.

94. Because our money is God’s money in the first place! Let’s give generously!

95. This is the most connected generation via social media and technology but spends very little time face to face. Sad. Chi Alpha brings people together!

96. Because I’m not actually trying to raise THAT much money- you can be part of smashing a goal!

97. A Chi Alphan from Arkansas won American Idol. Isn’t that cool?!

98. Students are being taught to give through programs like Chi Alpha Cares.

99. If my whole budget is raised, then I get lots and lots of time to dream up tons of creative ways to build community and tell people about Jesus.

100. Because I would really really appreciate it.

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