Recently, I’ve found some new photo apps that have been super helpful to me.  Since I do LOTS and LOTS of social media stuff for Chi Alpha, I’m ALWAYS posting photos to our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Blog.  Since I don’t have Photoshop and I hate doing anything in Word, I use my phone. Yes, it’s true! Here are the apps I’ve been using lots lately.

1. Phonto

I love love love this app for adding text to my photos. It has so many cute fonts and I keep discovering new ways to use it! Some of the reviews complain that it’s “too much of a utility” and “not fun”…but like who cares? And what if you think fonts are fun, huh?

2. Fuzel

I’ve been a long time lover of Diptic for making collages. I love Diptic, I do…but I’ve been cheating on it with Fuzel.  Not only does Fuzel have simmilar collage options to Diptic, it also lets me have a little more control over photos.  It also has like a million cool add ons that you have to pay for. I’ve paid for like 2 apps in my life (Diptic & Nike+)…and I’m considering purchasing the upgrades. Also, it has a really cute interface! It looks like your turning pages in a book when you go to add a new photo.

3. Heartbooth

I don’t use this one frequently, but I think it’s cool. This app lets you make cool collages that make shapes. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that right… it lets you do this:

It gives you a pattern:

And you take pix that fit the pattern:

4. Photowizard Lite

This is the app I use for blurring or pixelating sections of a photo out.  It’s useful when you want to post text convos but you only want to publicize the non embarrassing parts…or you want to protect a 3rd party.  This app is a little bit confusing to work with, but once you get the hang of it, it’s nice.

I’m always on the look out for new photo apps- let me know if you come accross any that you love!


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