Intense game, but the Sun Devils came out victorious…and on Tucson soil.  Nothing could be sweeter.


I went to True Food Kitchen with my sisters after church on Sunday. (So delish. I went there with my mom this summer.).  The whole thing was hilarious.  Scottsdale Quarter offers excellent people watching, the table next to us was a couple on a blind date, and Maggie tried kale.  Very fun.

3. XA Art’s Night

This is always one of my fav Chi Alpha’s of the year! People demonstrate their God given creativity through a million different ways- stand up comedy, cupcakes, clapping, and more! Michelle did an amazing job juggling all that needed to be done. Oh and Chandler made one HILARIOUS video. Even more hilarious if you know Kent.

4. My parking job.

The crazy thing is..I parked, went inside, and then when I came out I realize I parked like this.  All I could think of was this:

5. Someone named their child hash tag.

Seriously…that is hilarious. Read the article here.



Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!


PS: Her sister Kate is doing a give away on her blog for a $50 Starbucks card! And I can earn an entry from blogging about it! Hurry over & enter… that’s a lot of Peppermint Mochas!

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