The World Missions Summit: The Experiences #TWMS3


Wow! What a weekend! It was such a crazy mix of old & new friends, experiences, and challenges! The conference is made up of several parts: The Gathering, Meal With A missionary, The Experiences, Prayer for the Nations & the Exhibit Hall. I think I’ll give each one it’s own post! (An d then lots of pictures to come from NYE 2012! Emphasis on sparkly dresses!!)

Let’s start with the experiences, shall we? I think this is a component of the World Missions Summit that sets it apart- they are really well done and an excellent opportunity to connect with missionaries.


asia pacific: this was maybe my favorite experience. It was low lit in the room & had several prayer stations- where you could pray for the countries of Asia Pacific in creative ways. One station you we to write one of your talents on a piece of balsa wood and then toss it in a pool of water to symbolize giving of your talents and gifting in missions. My favorite part was at the end when each one of us were given a necklace made by retired missionaries. They strung a coin from their country on the necklace & prayed for it. There was a note attached with the missionaries name and a challenge to “spend yourself” for the Gospel. So special.


europe: the Europe experience was in a totally dark room- Europe can sometimes be referred as the “dark continent”- less than 3% of the population are evangelical Christians. They gave us each flashlights and talked about several really cool & creative things that are being done to reach the people of Europe. (Like On The Red Box & Convoy of Hope Europe.) It was kind of startling to be in so much darkness and there were only tiny flashlights. It was a great representation of how dark Europe is spiritually.

eurasia: Eurasia is an…experience! you wait in line for customs where they are very intense. If you have a Bible, they throw you in jail. You travel through a bazaar with people shoving things in your face and trying to entice you into their stores. People even get pick pocketed It’s over whelming, but then they share the great need in the region of euraisa. between the Middle East, Siberia, and all the other countries, it’s a very spiritually diverse and spiritually in need.

chi alpha: this was one of my favorite experiences. Obviously I cried. They had a circus theme and talked about what defines the “American dream.” They asked if you were willing to give up your ideas of success for God’s plan for the campus. It was really powerful! Like I wish I could explain it, but it was so powerful.20130101-101135.jpg

xai: this theme was by far my favorite! The steampunk approach they took asked, “do you have the time to reach out to international students and change the course of history?” Thousands of influencers from around the globe will study in the United States- what will we do about ?


These are the reasons I call this weekend “missionary Disneyland”- they really bring the global need of the Gospel to life. Students were challenged and connected to missionaries for around the world through experiences they will never ever forget!

[This is a part of a series on my experience at The World Missions Summit- an event gathering 4500 Chi Alpha students seeking God’s Heart for the world. You can read the other parts here
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Checking in from The World Missions Summit! #TWMS3


I’m checking in from the 3rd World Missions Summit 4500 Chi Alpha students are gathered in Dallas, TX to seek God’s heart for the nations & find out how they can be a part! From praying for the people of Asia Pacific, to experiencing the sights & smells of a Eurasian Bazaar, to having 2 meals with real live missionaries- it has been an intense 2 days!

Speakers are challenging us, God is moving so powerfully during worship times, and hallways and hotel rooms are buzzing with conversations about the nations.

I plan to write more about this whole experience, but I just have to say: I have never been more proud to be a part of the movement that is Chi Alpha. I believe, more than ever, that God is mobilizing students to bring the Gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation. We throw around the term “world changer” quite a bit in XA land…but there is really no other word for these students, They will change the world.

Please continue to pray as students are challenged to give a year to missions and pray about a life time tomorrow. I have no doubt that it will be a powerful time- I would love your prayers.

Ok I’m exxxxxxhausted! Off to dream land and another great day at TWMS3!

PS:I have no idea how’s bloggers live blog conferences! They must not sleep or type in the shower! MAY-Jor props to you live bloggers!

[This is a part of a series on my experience at The World Missions Summit- an event gathering 4500 Chi Alpha students seeking God’s Heart for the world. You can read the other parts here
The Experiences
Meal With A Missionary
The Gatherings]

Christmas with the Cannons & Restaurant Review!


My parents were due to fly in at about 1:30pm on Christmas Day. To us- this was 2 fold torture. 1- We had to wait soooooooo long to see them! We hadn’t all been together since the summer! 2- we are early morning Christmas present openers. Like usually its 9:30a and we’re all ready for a nap. Hah

They came! We were excited!, we opened presents (more on that later :), and thrn we headed to dinner! We had 6:00pm reservations at Eddie’s House in Old Town Scottsdale.

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High Five for Friday! #H54F

This has been quite the week- as always, there are lots of “highs.” This week was especially special because of CHRISTMAS!

1. Mom is in town and we found these polka dot pants at The Gap. Obviously, they look VERY different on me, but I like them. They’re fun & quirky!

2. iPic on Christmas! We saw Les miserable and it was BEAUTIFUL!

3. Mahi Burger at Pita jungle. So delicious! It was on their special menu and came with this DELISH aoli! Such delicious flavors!!

4. Mom & Dad in town! Ok that’s my sister and mom, but I assure you both of my parents visited. I’ll meet up with them in Vegas later this week!

5. The Ultimate Christmas Present. I was so so so surprised! Can’t wait to use it to take my blogging to the next level!

I’m writing this from Texas- what an interesting place! Getting ready for a great weekend! I’m sure there will be so many highs next week too!!

Katie Cannon


Headed to the Summit!


I’m writing from the airport! I’m a psychopath and I’m taking a 1:50am flight…..that got delayed 40 minutes! [Edit: now delayed 2 hours] The second my butt gets in the seat, I am dozing!

About 25 of us from ASUXA are joining thousands of other Chi Alpha students, Bible college students, and missionaries from around the world to pray and seek The Lord for our role in his Global Mission. I hate calling it a “conference” because it is SO MUCH MORE than that! So much more- it is truly an experience!

Missionaries from all of the world will be in attendance, world renowned speakers, and opportunities to serve around the globe will be presented. With record attendance, this event could literally change the course of the advancement if the gospel around the world. W-I-L-D!!

My little sister is even helping out with an exhibit- she gets to dress steampunk and share about international students! Fun, huh?!? She’s actually already in Dallas.

I arrive at about 6am Friday morning and I am SOSOSOSO excited to see friends from AROUND THE WORLD!

I am beyond excited and am hoping to do some live blogging and possibly some vlogging over the weekend! (Man I hate the word vlog! Hah)

If you’re the praying type, would you pray for me and the other people traveling to this event? I really believe it is going to be POWERFUL- and I would covet your prayers!

Katie Cannon

PS: totally ran into this guy @ the airport AND he’s on my flight! What a small world!!!


Merry Christmas!


We ate dinner together, as a family almost every night growing up. When Christmas season hit- right after the last word of grace was spoken- Betsy would shout out, “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!”

Today my parents will get here in the afternoon and we’ll eat around a table at a restaurant, and open presents just like when we were little. Especially now that we’re older, it’s even more evident that Jesus is the reason, we want to shout it just as loud. That little baby would grow up and save the world, save us. He is my wonderful counselor, mighty God, Prince of Peace.

I’m thankful for that. I hope your Christmas is filled with peace, joy, and lots of awe & wonder.

Merry Christmas!
Katie Cannon