It’s been a while….but here are four really weird & interesting things that only I would find! Everything from RPatz to Compassion kids!

1. Razrs

Basically, this guy bought all these Razr phones off of ebay and made a book of all the weird photos people left on the phones! Ah! Remember when these phones were the biz-nass?!

2. Coca Cola & 007.

I’m not a huge 007 fan, but this give away that Coke did is AWESOME! Watch the video here. (For the record, I would have failed.)

3. Bring the Rain’s Compassion Series

Angie Smith of Bring the Rain Blog is doing a series on a mission trip she’s on with her daughters. They’re vistiting the Compassion kids they sponser in Peru. Every single time she posts, I’m crying! You can read them here, here, here, here, and here .

4. Robert Pattinson Is Happy Twilight is Over

This youtube video is…hilarious. It’s a ton of clips of RPatz interviews. Here are some of my highlights: “There is something wrong with [Bella] and there is certainly something wrong with me….” “[My look] is a mixture between looking constipated and slightly stoned.” Hahahah

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