$100 Wednesdays : 100 Words.


For todays 100 Wednesdays, I thought I would write 100 words (a digital elevator pitch, if you will) about why you should join my support team. With out further ado……here are 100 Words. 

For those whose interest is advancing the Gospel, Chi Alpha is one of the very most strategic places you can financially invest.  Stepping on to campus gives access to over 100 countries-many that are closed or the people are unreachable. Lately I’ve been thinking about how miraculous it is that we consistently have over 100 students involved.  We have no building, no extensive staff, no marketing budget.  What keeps people around and invested, is relationship. Deep friendships & strong bonds. It’s these relationships that give people the foundation to go and make disciples of all nations, well after graduation.  Join me, will you?  


Whoa, that was harder than I thought! Ha! I’m a word-girl, for sure! If you’d like to help me reach my goal of raising $100 in monthly support each Wednesday, click here. Thank you.

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