Sometimes it’s really good for me to keep up with High Five for Friday because it forces me to pick 5 positive things about the past week. Now- I am quite aware that I live a VERY blessed life, but this week was…hard. This doesn’t mean there weren’t good things, though!

I have come to the conclusion that the way I feel about Christmas is the way people in Arizona feel about fall- I’m obsessed and I love it.  My mom made Christmas so special for us growing up- to this day, she sends us advent calendars full of individually wrapped presents.  My dad always kept the magic of Santa alive for the season- and we were never disappointed on Christmas morning.  I am known to be the first one up on Christmas morning in the wee hours because I am just SO EXCITED!

So despite being a challenging week, I am still excited for all that the Christmas season entails- celebrations, food, fun, and the birth of a Saviour.


1. My sisters & I sent out Christmas cards this year! It was so fun to send them and remember all of the special people in our lives!

2. I got to help decorate church and it was great! I go to a great church with great people!

3. Speaking of church, they had a Christmas tea and I hosted a table! I felt a little over my head, but it was fun!

4. Mag & I went to see Christmas lights on Mill with Shawn & co. Very fun!

5. We found Christmas pj’s!!!! This is always a big task for me and my sisters- especially in AZ! You have to find non-flannel, non-itchy, non-grandma-y, and non-expensive. Oh and they have to fit each one of our unique styles. These ones from Target fit the bill! Only $10!


Merry Christmas! xoxo


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