VLife’s Christmas Tea!

20121207-133305.jpgThis past week, I got to host a table at Vlife Church’s Christmas Gala! It was so fun- and a little overwhelming. This is how the convo went when Bridgette asked me if I would host a table:

B: Katie! Would you host a table at our Christmas Gala?

Me: No. I’m a nomad! I don’t own china!

I’m thinking, “Isn’t this a job for like…moms? Who like have stockpiles of snowman figurines to decorate tables? Who have probably attended Christmas Teas for years? They will laugh me out of there!”

Just then, a Dorthea came to the rescue! “Katie- this is a busy time of year for me, maybe you could use my china and do the decorating and hosting!”

Well how could I say no to that?!

While I didn’t have lots of decorations, I knew I had lots of books! I was thinking about how Christmas is really the beginning of Easter- how the New Testament is really a story of life, death, and redemption. I settled on the theme for my table- “The Story of Christmas.” It was sort of a book/writer/story theme.

I gathered all sorts of odds & ends from my room & purchased a few Christmas books from the thrift store for SUPER cheap. Bibliophiles will cringe, but I sacrificed several books for their pages and used them to decorate. I was really happy with how it turned out.


Frames are your best friends! They can be uniquely customized & reused again & again! I also curled strips of book pages for decoration & added candy canes for a holiday touch!


I also wrapped a few candles in pages of an old book & then wrapped them with raffia.  It tied in candles I already had! Yay for easy & cheap!


Obviously I didn’t have any placemats, so I made my own! I used thicker paper from the Dollar Tree, wrapped the corners in book pages…and voila! Placemats! (They actually have Isaiah 9:6 written on them, but I forgot that plates had to go on top…so you couldn’t see it. Ha! Oh Well!)


My favors were book/story themed as well! More on those in a later post!

There were so many cute tables! Check them out:


Bridgette shared about making room for Jesus during this season- among all the parties and all the activities. This is really the time to draw near to Him and celebrate Emmanuel, God with us. I feel like my holiday schedule filled up before December even started! I am so thankful (and excited!) to celebrate things with friends- but the point of the season is not to party. It’s to remember that God send us His Son- to be with us, to be our example, and to bear the weight of our sins. That, my friends, is worth celebrating.


She gave each one of us a nativity scene, to remind us to make room for Jesus. Love that.

I’m really happy that I had this opportunity and had so much fun thinking of ideas! I’m already dreaming of themes for next year……

Merry Christmas- & I hope you make time to make room this season.


PS I didn’t get any pictures of people, really…but I did snap this nice shot of Maggie’s perfect messy bun.  I had mad messy bun envy….


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