Recently, I hosted a table at my church’s Christmas Tea. (Yeah…I have no idea why they asked me either! I felt very unprepared and inexperienced!) I thought that I should make some favors, and I thought I’d share them here! Very simple, but meaningful!

The theme for my table was “The Story of Christmas” (You can read more about it here.) I knew I wanted to do bookmarks, and maybe a journal…this is what I came up with! (I know this is slightly rediculous that I am typing all of this out, but I would want to find something like this!)

-Mini Composition Books/Journals. (I got mine 3/$1 at Dollar Tree)
-Pencils or Cute pens (I liked the simplicity of the pencils)
-Raffia or Twine (another dollar store purchase)
-Note cards
-Scissors, Hole Punch, Stamp

I made the book marks by


1.Cutting a note card in half

2. Punching a hole in the top and stamping the book mark. (Got the stamp from Michael’s for like $1.)


3.  Looping raffia through the hole & then writing on each of the book marks:
“Christmas is the beginning of a story full of new, abundant, and eternal life. If you let it, this life can be part of the pages of your story too…”
( I made this quote up. Sometimes if you can’t find somethin’ you just gotta create it!)

4. Then I wrapped the raffia around the composition book, tied a pencil with a bow, and then stuck the book mark in the raffia. Super simple, very cute, and a fun gift to receive! Super simple, but high impact!’

You can write whatever you want on them- I just wanted to reinforce my theme.  A Bible verse or no words at all would have looked nice too! This general ideal would be cute for a library or book themed party. Or! Some people do like book themed baby showers!


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