Wow! I am so excited for this weekend! Tonight I’m going to the Phoenix First Christmas Pageant, tomorrow night is a Christmas party for all the Kids Church teachers, and Sunday I’m making signature Cannon family Christmas cookies with my sisters! (It also happens to be my mom’s birthday that day!) Needless to say, I’m experiencing lots of Christmas cheer! Here are my top 5 for the week!


1. XA CHRISTMAS PARTY! Always one of my favorites of the year! ( I say that about every party, huh?) My favorite part is when people share testimonies and ways they have been blessed by the community of Chi Alpha. So special! Plus- it is SO GENEROUS that Neil & Jennifer let us take over their home! So fun! Plus I wore red lipstick and Blige told me I looked very Lauren Conrad.  Even if she was busting my chops- I’m still running with it!

2. Sunday @ Desert Springs Church! Sunday we went to see our little friends sing in the church choir, and then have lunch like old times! That evening, I went with Carly to see their production of a Charlie Brown Christmas! Super fun & very Christmas-y!

3. BAPTISMS! I had the privilege of witnessing not one BUT TWO baptisms this week! Both are exceptional young ladies who I am proud to call friends.

4. Pancake Breakfast! This Wednesday was Reading Day (The day between the end of classes & finals).  We had a whole bunch of students come and served up a whole bunch of pancakes.  It was so fun- very homey.

5. Christmas Presents! It’s been so fun putting the finishing touches on Mag & Bets’s Christmas presents! They are all wrapped up tight waiting for Christmas…after noon! When “Santa” arrives on the plane via American Airlines. 🙂

Hope you’re having lots of holiday cheer and peppermint flavored beverages!


Katie Cannon

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