Oh how I love a good book!


I grew up about a block from the local library. I would walk there, pick up stacks of books, and bring them home to devour. Both of my parents are big readers- my sisters & I were just talking about how Christmas books were a big part of our childhood. (Specifically a pop up version of Rudolf and The Polar Express)

I have been volunteering at Quo Vadis Christian Books this whole semester, and it is so lovely to be surrounded by BOOKS. Students & people from the community stroll in. Occasionally, a friend comes to visit for a chat. When I wake up on Fridays, I think about what I can wear that look “book store-ish”- mostly lots of cardigans. 🙂

Volunteering gives me some time to work on some admin-y stuff for Chi Alpha AND I get to help out a great cause! Quo Vadis is a ministry- they sell all of their books at 20% off and serve the ASU community. They have Bibles in TONS of languages- last week I sold a Navajo Bible! They also have a really awesome used section. Well you can only be around books so long before you just HAVE to buy something. I thought I’d highlight some books I found recently in their used section- they were all around $3-$4! WHAT A STEAL!

1.Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind by Joyce Meyer

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time. It addresses mindsets and gives you a guide for how to pray through them. I can have a tendency to get “lost in my head” or to think the worst & I’d like to change that. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

2. Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore.

I’m a big Beth Moore fan. I follow her ministry’s blog & totally entered a giveaway for this book YESTERDAY! How fun that I found it on the shelves of QV! I’ve been looking for a book/guide that would be like declarations or how to pray scripture- and this was totally on my list. The chapters are things like “Overcoming Pride” or “Overcoming Insecurity.” I know of no better remedy than the Word of God! Excited to work this one into my reading list.

3. Student Power in World Missions by David M. Howard.

The back cover of this one got me JAZZED. (Is that a dorky word? Don’t care.) This is what it says, “When students decide to act, things happen. This is the history of missions.” Whoa! I want this just to have! It’s from the 70s!

4. Christmas in My Heart compiled by Joe Wheeler

This is just a cute collection of fictional stories about Christmas. I’m not going to lie- it looks cute & that’s kind of why I decided to buy it. It looks like something that would be fun to pick up once in a while & read a story from.

So if you have a minute and you’re in Tempe- stop in! Quo Vadis is staffed with friendly volunteers & stocked with awesome books.

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