Links on Links.


I love love love reading Sometimes Sweet’s “Weekend Links.” (Here is her most recent one.) I almost always bookmark it and come back to read all of the things she links up! So l’m going to do my own version-here are some links!

This post from Jody is just…such a great response to the CT shooting. I love her writing and her thoughts.

I went garage sale-ing this weekend and considered writing a How To post about the adventure. Someone else beat me to it! A seasoned vet who offers great tips on great deals.

I want to try this on my hair!

Love this graphic posted on Shine or Set.

I usually hate all gift guides, but this one and this one both had some decent (and decently priced) gifts.

I want to get invited to this Rainbow Ruffle Birthday!!! Love the bright colors!

Alright- that’ll do it for this round! Off to catch up on Teen Mom2 and wait for my favorite show to start- Catfish!!!!

An MTV Junkie.

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