Last Weekend….

What a weekend of holiday merriment! As a tried & true sanguine, I love holiday parties!

Friday, we went to see the Phoenix First. Christmas Pageant! If this isn’t already a tradition for your family- you should make it one! It’s FREE (or you can pay for tickets!) and it’s just quality. It was especially fun because we knew a handful of people in the production! I even scored a picture with Santa!


Saturday, I went to a get together for the Sunday school teachers at my church! It was fun to spend time with people I don’t get to see very often! (When one in church- the others are teaching!) There was a cozy fireplace, yummy food and a gift exchange! I have a really bad track record at gift exchanges (one I went to last year I got 3D glasses that someone found in a parking lot…).


At first, I got the CUTEST mini cookie cutters- and my sister STOLE IT! What a punk! The next gift I got was a really cute mug stuffed with sweets!


Sunday, I taught Sunday school. The lesson was all about the 3 Wise Men & giving. We “gave” each other nice words and wrote then on an ornament! This one is mine!


I could teach on giving without giving a little treat with the lesson on the tag!


It says, “Giving to others brings extraordinary JOY! Acts 20:35″
That afternoon, my sisters & I had scheduled a time to make Christmas cookies. This season has been SO full of parties, we had to schedule it. Well- it was kind of an epic fail. I was trying to double the recipe and forgot half of the butter! The butter makes the cookie! (Luckily, I remade the dough- more on that in a later post!) Here’s a side by side comparison with the no butter and the butterlicous:


Next weekend is going to be just as busy!! Whoa- and then it’s Christmas! Yay! Yay! yay! Love to celebrate!


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