Cannon Family Christmas Cookies

So I had grand plans to make a really cute Pioneer Woman- esque recipe post for these Christmas cookies my mom has made for ever. There are a few issues with this:

– I have delusions of grandeur
– I don’t have a DSLR
– Like any true family recipe, there are things that are done that just can’t be expressed in a recipe.

But let’s talk about them just for fun, shall we? I’m really happy with how they turned out. Man! I think the most impossible task is to make something that tastes like something your mom made!

Here are all of the lucious ingredients that would make any Paleo person freak out:

Mmmm white sugar and butter!!!


Our classic shapes are the:
Holly Leaf

Our kinda classic shapes are
Mini Trees

Our new shapes are:
Santa Hats
Scallop Circles

We roll out the dough with this rolling pin- it’s probably like 100 years old. It was my great grandmas & one of my most prized possessions.


The very worst is when you burn cookies- I only made one a tiny bit crispy!


Like any act of valor, there are always casualties…


Once all the cookies are baked & cooled, we ice (frost?) them with a very precise combo of powdered sugar and a VERY small amount of water. What are the measurements, you ask? I have no idea. You just mix it until it looks right. 🙂


We have some favorite sprinkles!

– Green Sugar
– “Logs” (what you might call jimmies)
– Red Hots


We also always decorate on cookie sheets to catch the extra sprinkles and for easy transport.


We filled the counter with cookies!



They have to dry over night so I haven’t even gotten to taste their delicious-ness. They smell like Christmas- cant wait to enjoy them! My mom made dozens & dozens of them growing up, it’s fun to have a tradition that we can continue, especially since we won’t be spending the Holidays in Illinois.

Cookies & Cookies & Cookies,

Katie Cannon

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