High Five for Friday

This has been such a fun week! So full and so difficult to decide what my top five were! Also- I cannot believe that Christmas is like SO SOON! I am SO EXCITED! So here is what I came up with.


1. Katjriana’s Surprise Party! It was so fun to honor someone so special! Plus it was at the COOLEST. HOUSE.
EVER! My fav quote was from her brother, “I didn’t realize you were such a stud to your friends….” You are SUCH a stud, Katjriana.

2. TEDS! Omg the only place you can get a semi decent hot dog in AZ. This Chicago girl needs her celery salt!

3. SURPRISING Sarah & Ben! This year Chi Alpha raised a chunk of change for two very special people- and they were VERY surprised! It was so fun to surprise bless someone- you should try it!

4. Vlife Young Adults! Usually I can’t go to this because I have Chi Alpha- but I could go this week! And it was such a blessing! And we all tried apple cider vinegar! It’s disgusting! 🙂

5. Baking with the Princess. We baked up some Christmas cupcakes (We tried these ones…) and brought them to my sisters’ apartment! You could maybe call it “caroling”…or “Katie singing while kids hid/cried.” Successful babysitting/kitten harassing.

The Countdown is on the Christmas! This weekend will be spent celebrating & getting ready for the festivities! OH AND Afterwards I’m going to the ultimate Chi Alpha family reunion of life—aka the World Missions Summit! SO excited!



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