Katie’s Last Minute Gift Guide of Glory

So you waited…and waited….to get someone a gift. I come from a family pretty passionate about gifts, so I decided to add my 2cents. (It should be stated that I come from a family of all girls, so I never have had to do a dude gift….) We don’t really do lotion or candles…we do extra thoughtful. My mom is the best at getting us exactly what we wanted but didn’t know we wanted it. Also- I feel like most gift guides I read are like lists of things that cost $200 and are unrealistic. So here are my (hopefully helpful!) ideas:

Hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month.1. Birch Box Gift Subscription
This is seriously my favorite gift idea ever. You can gift 3 months for $30 and your loved one will receive awesome samples of beauty products- good things too! To gift it, you could wrap up a couple of nail polishes or lipglosses with the print out that says you’ve subscribed them! (They make men’s boxes too!)

12. Coffee Syrups
I just saw this idea on A Beautiful Mess (The same place I got the Sharpie Mug Idea!). I’ve seen those bottles at the Dollar Store & the other ingredients are fairly inexpensive. I think this would make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life- if you’re looking to splurge, you could add some Via packets or some fancy coffee or a coffee mug! The syrups would make a great stand alone gift, though! (Image via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Fudge!

My sister has been a Fudge making fiend this season! It’s fairly easy to make and who doesn’t love a homemade gift?! It’s the perfect gift to say, “Hey Merry Christmas, person I don’t know super well!” but it can also say, “Merry Christmas! I care and made a homemade gift!” She sliced it up and put it in a cute box. If you want to add a lil’ something, you could add one of those cute cheese knives and give a block of fudge. Then they can choose the piece size- from tiny to huge! 😉 You can find simple fudge recipes here and here. Or this one is really easy and cute.

4. Gingerbread House Making Kit

Check it out here. The box of candy would be enough of a gift for me- but if you’re looking to step it up a notch, bake the cookies. This is defiantly labor intensive for the baking/frosting part. You could also just gift the candy in the box and include a recipe for ginger bread & some templates for houses. (Like these templates!) Leave the baking to someone else ;)! (Image via Eighteen 25)

5. Stickygram!

It’s too late to order any, but you could give a gift certificate to StickyGram.com! They turn your Instagram photos into magnets! For $14.99, you get 9 magnets! I think this sounds really fun! I’m usually anti- gift certificate, but these can make something really personal!

6. Red Box Codes

Again, not a huge gift certificate fan, but this would be perfect for someone who lives far from you! Who doesn’t love RedBox?! And if you buy a back of 5 for $6, they give you a code for a free rental! Pretty sweet! You have the option of emailing it to your recipient OR you can just email the codes to your self & print them out to give. It would be cute to retype the codes in a cute way and add some “movie night essentials”- pop corn, candy, and fun throw blanket! You can check it out here.

Hot chocolate spoons 37. Hot Chocolate Spoons

I made these one year when my church did a chocolate gift exchange. A Beautiful Mess has a version here, and Yummy Mummy Kitchen has cute ones here.) The options for flavors are ENDLESS. I put them with some cute Christmas Mugs (from the dollar store) and some marshmallows. I used colored spoons from the dollar store and they were pretty festive! (Though I love those wooden spoons, they would take some extra planning time to order online.) (Image via A Beautiful Mess)

8. A good book.

This can be especially tricky if you don’t know the person well, but it could be really fun! You could get them a great book, a coffee mug, and a fun throw blanket. (I know I’ve mentioned throw blankets twice- but don’t you just love them!? You can get pretty cute ones at Walmart for like $5 and cheap ones at Tj Maxx/Ross/etc). This present sounds luxurious to me!



9. A Board Game

This is a great gift if you are trying to gift an entire family. You’re going to knock out about 5 gifts with $20. Again, great for people you don’t know super well or your closest family! My current favs are Wits & Wagers, Party Playoff, and (of course…) Settlers of Catan.





10. If you are truly desperate, something from Amazon.

For those not into DIY, Amazon will still ship your item in 2 days. You can’t beat that . They sell EVERYTHING! Books! Robes! Electronics! Board Games! Wolf Urine! (Yes, seriously! Read more weird things here.)


I hope this is a tiny bit helpful , I would love to hear your creative gift ideas too!

(Oh and none of these people know who I am….They are all just things I like! :))

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