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I really enjoy writing. That being said, I don’t think my blog posts are showcases of my best works…. I was thinking about this the other day. When I sit down to write something for anything else, it takes a long time. Especially to start. And then usually a million rewrites. Sometimes I realize, half way through, that I actually started in the middle & it needs a beginning. Or a little bit more at the end. Or, lots of times, less words. Sometimes it needs 10 more words. Or 10 words say what I thought I needed 20 words to say. Condensing to give the most punch is the most satisfying.

My blog posts can be sort of spit out- kind of the microwave version of any food. It sounds good because it’s quick, and easy…but the end result is just a little…off.

I read this post on “slow blogging” and this post and also the “Slow Blogging Manifesto.” My favorite line?

“Many thoughts are best served after being fully baked and worded in an even temperament.

While I don’t think I have “a following” or a “schedule” or “demands” anything, I do think there are some good tidbits in there. Mostly- you should be blogging for you, about what you like, and to keep track of your life. You should blog about what matters- and not for quantity.

I talk a lot about simple design with my sister Betsy. The other day I told her, “Design I would want would cost a million dollars because I want it to be so simple that it would have to be extremely designed.”

Self control is not my strong suit, but it is such a key to creativity. There is so much power in restraint, in careful crafting.

One thing blogging has encouraged me to do is write more. I’m feeling inspired by the Manifesto to write real, edited pieces- but at my own pace. No pressure, just lots of heart.

PS : Shout out to my biggest fans- Laci & Marina! Xoxox love you girls! (Even if I’ve never met you Laci! You’re a sun devil- so you’re familia!)

One thought on “Blog on Blogging or Meta Blog.

  1. mwfranci

    Your blogs, whether carefully crafted or intricately put together, inspire me and make me feel like a real human. I’m not some weird Christian, but I love Jesus & love the kardashians. If anything, you challenge people to be real, who they are, and have no shame in doing so. You’re a sensation and there is quite a few things we readers could learn from you. Blog on, beautiful girl!

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