Katie’s Gift Guide- Part 2!

I realized I had some more ideas, so I’m putting together another list! Most of these are super last minute- with the majority of items available at Walmart or the Grocery Store.

(You can check out the first Gift Guide here.)

1. Card in a frame.
I saw these really cute vintage Christmas cards for like $1 at Goodwill today. I think they would be so cute popped in a frame for some vintage-y Christmas decor- for the hipster in your life. You could do this with any cute card or maybe a map that you write a quote on!

2. A fun surprise
One year, we knew my parents were going out to a special dinner a few days before Christmas, so we called the restaurant and paid in advance. They were SHOCKED!

3. Photos for your mom/grandma
That same year, we had photos taken and put them in frames for my parents and Grandma. (They had something to open on Christmas!) Every mom and grandma loves pictures of their kids. Every. Single. One.


4. An “experience” gift
One year, I got my sister tickets to the Tucson Rodeo! We got to go together and it was so much fun! It was something she enjoyed and wasn’t going to throw away or regift later. Concert or sporting events are a good idea too, but a bit pricier than the Tucson Rodeo. 🙂


5. Record Bowls
I made about a million of these one year just for fun. Basically you bake a record over a glass bowl for a few minutes and it curls up into a bowl. Here’s how to do it. I know the thought of a record ruined may cause some of you to cringe, but it looks cool! Most thrift shops (and garage sales!) sell records for cheap! You can fill the bowl with candy or fudge or,..whatever! You could also make some record coasters. Directions here. [img via]


6. Coffee cozys! My mom made these one year as gifts. Starbucks even gave her free cups to put them around! And then she filled the cup with fun things. They sell them every where now but these are pretty easy home made versions. [img via]

20121222-090831.jpg7. Vera Bradley ID case.
These are inexpensive (for VB) and useful- great for any female college student on your list. You could always sneak some cash or a gift card inside too! At this point, go to a store to buy one. You probably won’t get it in time if you buy through the website.

8. Fudge making kit
In case you’re not into making fudge, you could package the ingredients. Put together a nice bag of chocolate chips- like the Ghirardelli ones- and a can of condensed milk. Write out or type out a recipe and include a wooden spoon. Make a cute label for the can with scrap book paper. Viola! A fudge making kit! All of this is stuff you could get at a grocery store or Walmart on your way to Aunt Sally’s.

20121222-092229.jpg9. A journal with prompts
Even a $1 composition book would work for this. Take some time to write a different prompt on as many pages as you’d like. For example, “Write about your most embarrassing moment.” Or “If I was forced to get a tattoo, I would get…” Or “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gun drops, …..”
Or you could keep it holiday themed- fav memories or gifts. OR doodling prompts too (Draw your ideal play ground, laws of physics don’t apply.) This is going to take a bit of brainstorming, but will be a fun journal for a budding writer in your life. I would write something heartfelt & personal on the first page and add some cute pens, too!


10. Flavored Salts

For the adventurous cook in your life, whip up some fancy salts! The Kitchn suggests combos like Chili Lime salt or Citrus Rosemary salt! Yum! The Purple Foodie has some good ideas too! So does Yum Sugar. Grab some jars from the dollar store and you have a fancy gourmet dish! Go the extra mile & find a recipe that uses each one of the salts! [img via]

Man I wish I could include what I got my sisters for Christmas! But that will have to wait until old Saint Nick has come & gone.

Remember- the most important part about a gift is that it lets the recipient know that you care for them. Sometimes, a card, with honest words, can do more than any last minute run to Walmart.

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