So…I dyed my hair & you can too!!!

It’s true! I colored my hair! At home! Am I crazy? Nope! I just love a good deal and not paying $100+ for hair color!

My friend Rae has a reputation for being the hair dye girl, and she was in town for Christmas….so it just had to happen! Plus- I love hanging out at her house.

I bought my dye at Sally’s after EXTENSIVE Internet research. The girl at the store was mostly helpful, though she did tell me some wrong info..Luckily Rae set me on the right path. Ok here’s what I got at the store:


1, Gloves $.50– especially because I was doing red. Red is notoriously stain-y.

2. Squirt Bottle, $1.89– this is to mix the colors & to apply the color. It’s reusable AND has the oz marked on the side. Very useful!

3. Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Color in Medium Burgundy Brown, $4.99– Demi permanent is going to last about 28 washes. Perfect if you just want to test a color out. (You can read more about the specifics of the differences between semi, Demi, and permanent here.)

4. Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer Level 10, $1.99. Now here’s where the Sally girl steered me wrong. She said I needed to use half of the bottle of developer (about 2oz) and use an equal part of hair color. Once we read the instructions in the color box, it said if you want to add shine only- add equal parts. If you wanted to change the color, it was a 2:1 ratio of developer to color. You can buy big bottles of developer for pretty cheap.

5. Ion Conditioner, $1.00. I got this to condition my hair after the color was rinsed out- to avoid straw feeling hair.

Ok on to the process, full of awkward pictures of my face.

1. Squeeze all of that color out of the tube and into your bottle.

2. After reading the directions in the hair color box, add developer to the bottle. We added 4oz.

3. Shake shake shake until it’s fully combined.

4. Make sure you’re wearing yucky clothes & start applying it to your clean, dry hair.


5. Apply it everywhere! On every strand! Depending on the amount of hair you have, you may not use the whole bottle. Rae said it’s good to have a little extra in case you realize you missed a spot later.

6. Put a plastic bag over your head. Or a shower cap like a normal person. But grocery bags are free & work just as well! Our conversation went something like this: 20121223-090945.jpg

7. Set the timer according to the directions in your box of color.

8. Wait……

While you’re waiting, you could drink Diet Coke (DC as we call it) and chop veggies for the holiday party. But that’s really up to your discretion and preference.


After you’ve waited, rinse that hair! Preferably in a sink with a detachable faucet thingy. The shower works too. Rinse it all out until the water is running clear. Condition the heck out of the hair….and then you’re ready for the big reveal! (Well after you blow dry & style your hair…)


Hooray! Not a huge change, but something fresh and fun! Because it’s Demi permanent, it will lighten with washing. (I also read you should wash your hair with cool water, especially with red, to maintain the color.)

Obvs I no hair color expert, but I couldn’t really find any easy directions for buying stuff from Sally’s. so! I made my own.

Merry Christmas Eve eve!

Katie Cannon

(PS Sally’s has no idea who I am- these are all just my thoughts as an every day consumer!)

One thought on “So…I dyed my hair & you can too!!!

  1. ragamuffinkay

    Wanted to do a Demi permanent burgandy color on my hair, but didn’t know where to start. This was very helpful, I am right now waiting for the color to set and I’ll rinse it out! Yay, thanks

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