Christmas with the Cannons & Restaurant Review!


My parents were due to fly in at about 1:30pm on Christmas Day. To us- this was 2 fold torture. 1- We had to wait soooooooo long to see them! We hadn’t all been together since the summer! 2- we are early morning Christmas present openers. Like usually its 9:30a and we’re all ready for a nap. Hah

They came! We were excited!, we opened presents (more on that later :), and thrn we headed to dinner! We had 6:00pm reservations at Eddie’s House in Old Town Scottsdale.

It was one of the few places open on Christmas Day and it was packed! (We always eat well when Mom& Dad are in town! Ha) It had a really homey vibe inside- low lit, padded chairs, and a whole table filled with family photos20121227-205830.jpg.

20121227-210007.jpgThey seated us in the bar area, which was just fine! Our waiter was also the bar tender. He was very Old-Town-Bar-Tender-ish: smooth, fast talker, and full of banter (especially with my mom. Ha) Because he was the bar tender on a super busy night, our service wasn’t super prompt, but he was doing the best he could. One thing I will say is that he was very helpful with the menu. My mom and I like to ask a ton of questions about the menu and he gave great, detailed answers. Oh and he did not steer us wrong! He told us they specialize in “upscale comfort food” aka my favorite. We ordered a TON of food!

But first- we brought out Cannon Family tradition if poppers (I’m sure they have a real name. Oh they do- they’re an English tradition!)


My mom and I ended up splitting the Prime Rib from their Christmas Specials Menu. It was served with a potato and Brie croquette, cranberry cauliflower, and sour cream horse radish. Because EVERYTHING on the menu looked so good, we also added a side of bacon Brussels sprouts and the lobster bisque. (I know we’re nuts.)


The lobster bisque was amazing- piping hot with huge chunks of lobster! Yum! The Brussels sprouts were cooked so well and the croquette was perfectly creamy. I thought The prime rib was a tiny bit salty, but my mom thought it was great.

My dad ordered the half order of the bacon infused meatloaf & a side of the prosciutto Mac and cheese…mostly because my mom and I wanted to try that. Both dishes were so yummy! Great flavors and I love that you can order half orders- because they have some great sides to add!


Bets ordered the Asiago Chicken with creamed spinach and fingerling potatoes. Except… wasn’t spinach, it was kale. That was weird, but she really enjoyed the chicken!

Mag & Corey ordered the burger on a pretzel bun. They both ordered medium burgers, and they came more medium rare…emphasis on the rare. Oh and it was supposed to come with waffle fries, but it came with straight fries. Talk about a let down!

If you ask me, there were about a thousand things I could have ordered on the menu, so the burger is not enough to make me hate the place.

I was so stuffed when we left! So stuffed! But oh so satisfied! As we were getting ready to go, I spotted Eddie! Like THE Eddie! (I had extensively Yelped the place before so I knew what he looked like!) He was headed into the bathroom…and spent a few injures in there. We were convinced he fell in, when my mom spotted him coming out! We snapped a quick picture- he was super friendly!



Overall- it was a great place for us to go for dinner- casual enough for us to relax but nice enough for a special occasion. I bet their happy hour is amazing!

After that, we headed to IPic to see Les Mis..but more on that in another post!

Hope you’re all enjoying your time before New Years! I have an early morning flight to Dallas- I’m joining thousands of Chi Alpha people for The World Missions Summit! I am SO EXCITED!!


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