Headed to the Summit!


I’m writing from the airport! I’m a psychopath and I’m taking a 1:50am flight…..that got delayed 40 minutes! [Edit: now delayed 2 hours] The second my butt gets in the seat, I am dozing!

About 25 of us from ASUXA are joining thousands of other Chi Alpha students, Bible college students, and missionaries from around the world to pray and seek The Lord for our role in his Global Mission. I hate calling it a “conference” because it is SO MUCH MORE than that! So much more- it is truly an experience!

Missionaries from all of the world will be in attendance, world renowned speakers, and opportunities to serve around the globe will be presented. With record attendance, this event could literally change the course of the advancement if the gospel around the world. W-I-L-D!!

My little sister is even helping out with an exhibit- she gets to dress steampunk and share about international students! Fun, huh?!? She’s actually already in Dallas.

I arrive at about 6am Friday morning and I am SOSOSOSO excited to see friends from AROUND THE WORLD!

I am beyond excited and am hoping to do some live blogging and possibly some vlogging over the weekend! (Man I hate the word vlog! Hah)

If you’re the praying type, would you pray for me and the other people traveling to this event? I really believe it is going to be POWERFUL- and I would covet your prayers!

Katie Cannon

PS: totally ran into this guy @ the airport AND he’s on my flight! What a small world!!!


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