High Five for Friday! #H54F

This has been quite the week- as always, there are lots of “highs.” This week was especially special because of CHRISTMAS!

1. Mom is in town and we found these polka dot pants at The Gap. Obviously, they look VERY different on me, but I like them. They’re fun & quirky!

2. iPic on Christmas! We saw Les miserable and it was BEAUTIFUL!

3. Mahi Burger at Pita jungle. So delicious! It was on their special menu and came with this DELISH aoli! Such delicious flavors!!

4. Mom & Dad in town! Ok that’s my sister and mom, but I assure you both of my parents visited. I’ll meet up with them in Vegas later this week!

5. The Ultimate Christmas Present. I was so so so surprised! Can’t wait to use it to take my blogging to the next level!

I’m writing this from Texas- what an interesting place! Getting ready for a great weekend! I’m sure there will be so many highs next week too!!

Katie Cannon


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