Viva Las Vegas!


Hello from “the fabulous” Las Vegas! After coming straight from the World Missions Summit right to Vegas, I am feeling a little overwhelmed! I hope to finish recapping The World Missions Summit soon, but probably not for a few days. I’m enjoying a few days relaxing with my parents before the semester starts! (They are spoiling me rotten!)

I am feeling less over whelmed the more time I’m here, but man oh man is this a crazy place! I feel like I’m having culture shock and this is supposed to be my culture! I also feel like I’m in the year 1997- I have terrible cell reception & no data (or wifi!) and you can smoke inside. Like…what? That is still a thing?


So far today we had a late breakfast at Hash House A Go Go (delish Chicken & Waffles! Omg!), walked up and down the strip (Oh the sights! Loved the Wynn!), and we’re heading to Downtown Vegas for dinner tonight. I hear that’s where the real characters are! I’m excited for some world class people watching!

Live from the weirdest place on earth,

Katie Cannon

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