Adios Las Vegas!


We topped off my time in Vegas with breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi- it has a great view of the street & the Bellagio. It’s definitely what my dad would describe as “fou fou” aka very different than our breakfast the day before.

I had a delicious crepe (chicken, Brie, & apples!) along side a bowl (yes, literally a bowl) of hazelnut latte. Yum-o! I really wanted one of the bowl/mug things but they only sell them at Sur La Table. (But they aren’t available online! Bummer!)

It was so nice to spend a few days with my parents without the stress of the holidays. I’m actually leaving Vegas without having gambled a cent! Im at the airport now, waiting to board my 40 minute flight home. I’m excited to enter into 2013 with the momentum of the Summit- here’s to a year of growth, balance, and more submission to Christ than ever before!

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