My Freemont St “Experience”


My parents dragged me to the most questionable place on Earth tonight, Freemont St. Here’s a potpourri of what I saw:

– someone get arrested
– creepy versions of characters like Elmo & Mickey & Minnie
– more Asian tourists than I can shake a stick at
– An American themed light show over head
– So many kids! Why would you bring your toddler here?
– So many lights!
– Exposed Midriffs
– A gold digger

I also met my parents bar tender friend. Like why do they have a bar tender friend? He works at Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens Hotel. (Ask for Dean- he’ll take care of you!)
I’m always skeptical of bar tenders- I’ve had many a friend get their heart broken by a smooth operating Scottsdale bar tender. (But come to think of it, my mom had a thing for the bar tender on Christmas too…)

The place is under the smokiest casino on the planet and has great food! I had the stuffed shrimp! They bring around this cart- it’s like a mobile salad bar. You can pick what ever you want and they toss it up! Your meal ends with a complimentary hot towel and chocolate dipped fruit! Oh and in between the salad and the food- you get a sorbet ice cream cone to cleanse the palate! It is definitely pricey- but that’s the perk of vacationing with your parents! 😉

We spent most of yesterday wandering around & then napping. I know….real crazy! I leave at around 2pm this afternoon. It’s been fun, but I’m anxious to get back in the flow of normal life.


Katie Cannon

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