The World Missions Summit: Meal With a Missionary


Meal with a Missionary is one of my very favorite components of The World Missions Summit! I love having a chance to get to know these people and have some face to face time. It’s such a great opportunity to ask about the spectacular and the practical- ie Where do you buy your shampoo if you live in Timbuktu?

You pick a table and a missionary host joins you! You keep the same table the whole time and get to know other Chi alpha students. Our table had 5 from ASU, one from Hawaii, and one from Missouri!

Our first missionary was Susan Ricketts– she was wonderful! Susan works with Chi Alpha in Japan. She told us stories about mission teams coming to visit and being served fish ovaries. (Apparently they taste like fish cotton candy…in a bad way.) it was really cool to get a unique and international perspective on Chi Alpha.

Our next missionary was HILARIOUS! He was full of personality and jokes. Gil Rodriguez and his family are a missionaries in Spain. He had amazing testimonies, of healings and salvations. He also mentioned that through financial crisis and an openness to spiritual things, the European people are amazingly open & receptive to the Gospel. Ask me about the story of him trying to pee on a bus. Hahaha.

Our last missionaries are stationed in the Middle East. (That’s why their faces are all blurry). They told stories of their kids being so sold out to the mission, that they claimed that country as their own- for them it was truly a family affair. They feel safer in their middle eastern city than anywhere in the world.

One resounding theme that I aways take away from conversations with missionaries is that missionaries are very normal people, just living in God’s will one step at a time. Another missionary that my sister met said, “Our lives are very simple- we focus on our family, giving our whole hearts to Christ, and preaching the Gospel.” Wow- isn’t that such a word? People are sick of lip service Christians- our actions must back up our beliefs. This doesn’t necessarily mean moving into a war zone- it just means focusing on the simple things- loving God, loving people, and preaching the Gospel.

[This is a part of a series on my experience at The World Missions Summit- an event gathering 4500 Chi Alpha students seeking God’s Heart for the world. You can read the other parts here
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