Links on Links


Wow! The only way I can describe my life right now is WHIRLWIND! My google reader is jam packed with blog posts waiting to be read! Between Vegas & the Summit & school starting, my life is nutzo! Here are a few things that have caught my eye during my catching up in my blogs:

I love a good party bar (I’ve tried milk&cookies and caramel apple bars) but this grilled cheese party looks so fun and is full of potential!

Love this quote.

I need to go grocery shopping and the ingredients for this healthy pizza are on my list! YUM!

Naturally, with the rest of the free world, I’ve been freaking out about Kim Kardashians pregnancy. (I’ve been rooting for her & Kanye all along. Hopefully they will tie the knot ala Khole and not go crazy ala Kourtney). Anywayz, I’ve had Kanye on the brain and this Etsy shop sells Kanye themed cat clothes. How bizarre how bizarre…

I rarely break out(haters-go on and hate. I have a thousand other physical oddities) but since I’ve been stressed, I got a yucky zit this weekend. These anti-popping tips were oh so helpful!

I love Lena Dunham- I think she’s a great, young writer. I loved this piece she wrote in Vanity Fair…especially the part about Drake.

I stumbled upon this blog via Sometimes Sweet. The photos are excellent with a folksy feel and they are like the ultimate hipster family. Adding it to my reader!

All sorts of things too make you feel like an idiot on this list of grammar mistakes. I suppose it’s good to know…

I hope you all have a great first weekend of the new year! Mine will be full of rest, dreaming, and grocery shopping!

Xox Katie

Ps: this list of links is an idea based on Sometimes Sweet Weekend Links. You can read her current list of links here.

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