The World Missions Summit: The Gatherings #TWMS3


The Gatherings, or main services of the Summit, were so incredibly powerful. Someone (can’t remember who now…) said, “I think they are so powerful because everyone want to be here- they sacrificed to be here so it means a lot more than Sunday morning church.” Three phenomenal speakers challenged us on what “missions” really even means. I’m writing a lot of this down so I have some time to process…I understand if you can’t get through the whole thing. 🙂

Friday night Dick Brogden spoke. Afterwards, someone said, “we’ll I’m good, time to go home!” He just brought it- pure Gospel-punch-in-the-face.

He challenged us to surrender the idea that:
-The world will be won by anything other than preaching. “Not all have aids, not all require clean water, but all require a savior. Sin is the universal malady.”
– The Gospel can be only preached from a position of security. The Gospel flourishes when it is under pressure.
– The Gospel can only be preached in select places. There are 650 unreached pele groups who live in dangerous or difficult places.
– The Gospel can be preached in our own power. We must be Holy Spirit empowered.

My take away: Some of my other favorite thoughts from Dick were, “I am Pentecostal by necessity, not choice.” And- “The world does not need you, the world needs Jesus. Going into the world will change you more than you will do any changing.” Man- did that punch me in the gut! Over and over this year, The Lord has been asking me to surrender my campus- ASU’s is His, not mine. I can’t hold it in a tight fist. His dreams are so much more grand than mine could ever be. ASU does not need me, it needs Jesus.

The next night, Dr. Beth Grant spoke. She is an amazing speaker and minister- I have a fee respect for her. She is one of the founders of Project Rescue- an organization that is recusing girls out of the sex trade in India and several other countries and introducing them to hope & healing in Jesus. Beth spoke on compassion & Justice: A Missional Call. She said, “we cannot settle for anything less than life changing…Jesus is the holistic model.”
God’s Missional Compassion & Justice:
-Are inseparably embedded in God’s Truth
-Embrace the Centrality of Jesus
-Require collaboration for God’s collective redemption
-Empowered by the work of the Holy Spirit

My takeaway: Amen amen amen!!!! I can’t do this thing in my own- I need to depend on other people & God to really hamlet an impact and to be the most creative.

The next session Pastor Ivan Satyavrata shared about how mission is more tan a call to social justice. To do missions right, means to follow the Jesus Way. To do things the Jesus way you must:

Go as God’s Friends- if we don’t know God, we cannot share Him with others. We are not marketing executives- Jesus deserves more than that
Go with God’s Fragrance- it’s not about shallow philanthropy or soul hunting. God’s fragrance goes into the spirit.
Go where God goes. See what he sees, hear what he hears, do what he does.

My take away: It is so easy to “do ministry,” but doing things our own way or without God’s spirit is lifeless. I want to partner with God for His global mission.


The next session Scott Martin spoke. Despite the fact that he’s a WildCat, he is still one of my favorite speakers. He walks the walk no matter where he is or what he’s doing. He talked about one of my favorite things ever…the Student Volunteer Movement- a movement of college students in the 1800s that send students around the world. They showed this video- it does a great job of explaining. Their goal was the evangelization of the world. Their motto was “WE CAN DO THIS IF WE WILL!” Scott gave the call- will we give a year, and pray about a life time. Hundreds of students came forward. What a powerful moment.

My take away: We can do this if we will. Keep going one step at a time- this is what it means to be part of the movement.

The very last session, Greg Mundis, the AG World Missions Executive Director, spoke. He presented a case study of Heman from 1 Chronicles 6:33. Greg asked the question- is it heredity or environment that determines how a person end up? The answer is- it doesn’t really matter- God can use use despite either.

My take away: we choose how we will live our lives- despite our background. We can choose to praise Him either way.

These were all powerful times of teaching- there was not an ounce of fluff. I think that speaks to the maturity of this generation- they are over the milk & ready for the meat. It wasnt comfortable, but the students were hungry for real Bible truth.

My biggest overall takeaway was more of a feeling than a thought. I have never been more assure of my calling or more convinced that University have the potential to change the course of the nation & world. Even in conversations after the summit, my heart leaps everytime I hear someone drop the line “give a year”…I think they’re really going to do it. We can do it, if we will.

[This is a part of a series on my experience at The World Missions Summit- an event gathering 4500 Chi Alpha students seeking God’s Heart for the world. You can read the other parts here
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