how to blur photos on an iPhone.


You take a selfie wearing a cute outfit, but make a weird face. Or you send an embarrassing (but hilarious!) text and want to protect the innocent. I get you- because you are me. Sometimes you just need to be able to blur part of a photo. Lots of people ask me how I blur my photos…so even though it feels super silly, I’m going to give you step by step instructions about how I do it. (I am positive there is an easier way…but that app probably costs 99cents and that is just too much if you ask me! Ha!)

K here’s how I make the magic happen….

First, I use the app PhotoWizardLite (I’ve talked about it before, along with other photos apps I like). It is what works for me and it’s free! It definitely looks free….


K Here we go!


1. Tap the double rectangle lookin’ thing to choose your photo of choice.
2. Once your photo comes up, tap the “Mask” tab.
3. Tap that gear lookin’ thing. It will pull up a menu of tools.
4. Choose the paintbrush tool. You can also slide the bar to choose the size of the paint brush.

5. Select the area that you want to have blurred.
6. Tap the half black/half white lookin’ box. It’s going to turn everything you have not selected into a checkered back round.
7. Tap the “Filters” tab.
8. Choose “Gaussian Blur.” (You can also pixelate your photos by choosing the “Effects” tab.

9. Slide the bar until you like how blurry it looks.
10. Tap the check mark.
11. Tap the “Home” tab.
12. Tap that little arrow button.

13. Tap the “Export” button to officially save the photo.

Here’s the final product! Instantly, no one has t know that I was texting Betsy…except for the whole Internet now. (Judge away at my 17% batt….)


Phewfs! That’s a lot of steps! I realize this is a little clunky. I also realize that it’s a tiny bit embarrassing that people now know the lengths I go to post texts on Instagram…but I am believing this is for the greater good!

Let me know if you have a better app or a better way!

Katie Cannon

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