High Five for Friday! #H54F

Happy Friday, y’all! Haha I want to start saying y’all. Sometimes I just have the urge to say it. Maybe it’s because I was just in Texas? I remember feeling really weird about when I was allowed to start saying “hella/hecka” when I lived in NorCal. Then I decided I didn’t care because who says hella anymore?!

All that to say- happy friday! hah Here are some highlights of the week!

20130111-103741.jpg1. THE FIRST XA! We were majorly stripped down in the ambiance/worship department, but it was such an incredible kick off for the semester! Lots of students, a powerful message, and a great time at the altar.

2. A VISIT AT THE VILLAGE! Not only did I get to enjoy great coffee at The Village Coffee Roastery, I also got to spend time with an amazing woman of God AND make Kent tell me all about how roasting works. Not a shabby Thursday afternoon!

3. CATFISH MONDAYS! Every Monday my sisters & I watch Catfish. (If you have not seen the show or I have not explained it to you, watch it. Right now. Best show on TV!) Lucky for us, The Bachelor just started so now we watch BOTH! It’s not REALLY about the shows, it’s more about live tweeting/having a running commentary.

4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WELCOME! This was so fun to welcome international students from around the GLOBE to ASU! Kuwait, Italy, Germany, China, India, and more were all represented! What was even more impressive was the way that XA student leaders really connected with the internationals. I can’t believe I know such bold people!

5. NEW RECIPES! I’ve made some delish things lately! I’ll be posting the recipes soon…but dang! I love kale! Seriously! Not just cause it’s trendy! (but maybe a little bit because it’s trendy….)

As always, linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!

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