Table for 1: Solo Meal Planning: Squash’n’Kale

20130111-112014.jpgIt is so hard to cook for one person. Especially one person (ie me) that has really weird eating patterns and realizes she’s hungry at 9pm but only has quinoa and doesn’t want to leave the house. Recently, I made a bunch of recipes from just a few ingredients. It was pretty easy…so I thought I’d document this huge accomplishment here.

Here were my main ingredients:


-part skim ricotta cheese

-butternut squash

-whole wheat pizza dough

I know…these seem random, but I promise I made some tasty things!


1. Shaved Butternut Squash Pizza from Clean Eating Magazine

I loved the idea of shaved butternut squash because it is WAY easier than chopping it AND it cooks faster. I subbed ricotta for goat cheese, kale for arugula and ditched the pumpkin seeds. This was sooo yummy! I was surprised though, when I made the balsamic reduction how…vinegar-y it smelled! Dang!

2. Kale & Butternut Squash Turnovers from My Recipes

What I changed: I used shaved butternut squash instead of spinach and the ricotta instead of the feta. The garlic gave it a totally different flavor than the pizza! This was so so yummy! Like a semi healthy hot pocket!

3. Pizza Bites from A Beautiful Mess

Ok these really only use the pizza dough, but they are so easy and so yummy. (Oh I subbed pizza dough for the dough they tell you to use.) I had some leftover pizza sauce- voila! Dinner!

4.Kale & Butternut Squash Quesadillas from Pioneer Woman

I wanted to make this but never did but you totally should. Wouldn’t it have been so perfect if I made these?

5. Kale Salad with Blood Orange dressing from…Me!

I really like kale- so I can eat it as a salad. (Just don’t forget to massage it before you eat it!) I like to make some homemade salad dressing that goes something like this:

-The juice of half of a blood orange

-A little squirt of honey

-A splash of olive oil

-A fierce mixing with a fork.

I realize this is not very concrete- but it makes for a super yummy dressing!

All of these (except the salad!) would be great reheated or if you needed to bring lunch or something! It should also be noted that I always try to make single servings of the recipes. This involves a lot of eyeballing, less onions, and the same amount of garlic.

7 thoughts on “Table for 1: Solo Meal Planning: Squash’n’Kale

    • ktcannon

      it’s a constant debate- is it more expensive to eat our or in? especially if fruits & veggies go bad before you can eat them all! trust me- i eat a fair amount of chicken fingers! ha

  1. Andrea Worley (@andreaworley)

    this is random, but do you ever shop at Fresh and Easy? I swear it’s the best place to shop if you’re making meals for one person because they have small portions for food. like bags of 3 apples for 98 cents instead of buying a 3lb bag, and other stuff. wish i’d known about that place when I was living on my own

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