Links on Links.


I’ve been using this app called “Flipboard” to browse through my social media. It combines ALL of my sites & profiles into a magazine looking thing. I really like it, but I end up emailing myself things and then forgetting I did that. Subject lines pop up in my inbox like, “Katherine recommends you read ‘The Subculture of Butchers.'” My email is very formal and calls me by my full name. Ha! So, what I’m trying to say is that I have a good handful of links (and some videos & apps) that I’ve been into and that I would like to share!

Speaking of butchers, I really did email myself a video about butchers. I love stuff like this- a niche group of people who are passionate about what they do. Oddly enough, Ashton Kutcher produced this documentary about the rise of local butchers. Watch here. (But only if you have a strong stomach…lots of dead animals.)

I love the prayer she add at the end of this beautiful post.

This app seems really interesting! You load one photo/short video per day and then at the end of the year (or when ever you want!) it makes it into a video! I started doing it…I’m thinking about doing month recaps or something!

Maybe you’ve seen the Make It Count video by Nike by now…but I still think it’s awesome. Watch it here. What can I say, I’m a sucker for quotes!

Speaking of the Nike Vid..I saw it on this blog. I appreciated her thoughts about the new year. (Plus the blog title is hilar.)

I thought this was a great post, not only for entrepreneurs, but for leaders in general.

I’ve been loving following The Paris Review on the ‘gram.

Are you a Bravo fan? I am & the Real Housewives of Atlanta is my fav. Phaedra has branched out and now has a show about her high end funeral business. This makes for ridiculous television. I lost in when the family started dipping ribs in a BBQ fountain as remembrance. Watch a clip here.

Loving this song.

This is a cute graphic and a cute little quote.

**This post is based on Sometimes Sweet‘s “Weekend Links.” You can read her latest links here.

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