My Free Haircut Experience! Before & After Pics!

I’ve been pretending to grow out my hair forever, but recently I got semi serious about it. (I mean as serious as you can be about growing out your hair.) I started using sulfate free shampoo & I think it has made all the difference.

Anyways, it was getting REALLLY long and the ends were getting break-y so I started cruising Craigslist for free cuts. (Read all about my tips for getting a FREE haircut from high end salons.) I came across one that was looking for a long layered cut as part of an apprenticeship program at Etch Salon. I got my hair cut for free there this summer and had a great experience. They charge $65 for a hair cut… and all I paid was a semi lame tip!

It was a little bit intimidating at first- serval students and instructors gathered around as she did the initial consultation. Oh and they’re all like super edgy dressers. I tend to use words like “floofy” or “swoopy” to describe how I want my hair…so it took a few tries to express what I was thinking, but she got it! She noticed my hair was dry (ugh! Winter!), and she added a moisturizer while she was shampooing my hair. Oh and the scalp massage! She even teased my hair- bless her heart! Well worth the price tag of free!

So here are the results: (Excuse the selfies…)



I’m especially happy with the way she managed my bangs! The combo of my cowlick and curly hair usually throws stylists for a loop- she didn’t bat an eye! She will be in the program for a while longer- she said she’d color my hair for $10-$20 AND do free trims! Let me know if you want her number! I’ll hook you up!

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