being a 20 something.


I recently downloaded “How to Be a 20 Something” on to my ereader. It’s a collection of essays complied by Thought Catalog about the experiences of today’s Millennial Generation. It’s the generation that I happen to be a part of. In some ways, am the exact Millennial profile: lover of technology, less financially successful and over all less stable than my parents were at my age, taking a “nontraditional” route post college. In other ways, I couldn’t be more different- like I’m not into sex & drugs. I especially liked this excerpt that seems to hit the nail on the head:

“We’re not stuck. Even if it feels like we are, it’s not true. We’re the opposite of stuck. As 20-somethings, we’re constantly moving — apartments, relationships, cities, jobs. Anything is possible. People are ready for you. They want to hear what you have to say. They look at you and are curious about the words that are going to come out of your mouth. You’re the new generation. What do you have to say? Don’t bite your tongue. One day you’ll be pushed aside for a younger, “fresher” perspective, so you better get it out now. Make a mark. Make a stain. Make something.”

Excerpt From: Brandon Scott Gorrell & Stephanie Georgopulos. “How To Be A 20-Something.” Thought Catalog, 2012-06-12. iBooks.

Does the quote sound a little self important and a little entitled? Totally. Wouldn’t be a Millennial quote with out those qualities. I think what I like about it, is that it speaks to the gusto our generation has to (cheesy phrase alert!) dare to make a lasting difference. This quote, from a secular book, touches on something the Church ought to take notice of: the world is looking at what the most equipped, the best and brightest, the most privileged generation that has ever walked the earth will do and say.

I have to believe there is a movement within this generation that will not stand for a bitten tongue. Anything really is possible- the completion of the Great Commission in our life time is possible. I have to tell you- I’m seeing it happen. I talk to someone every day who is giving up life long plans for long plane rides and Christmas’s away from home. Members of the most entitled generation are choosing to die to themselves for the cause of Christ.

If you’re a millennial, I believe in you. I really think you can change the world.
If you’re not, we desperately need you to pray for us, teach us, and lead us.

He is worthy to receive the reward of His sufferings.

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