High Five For Friday!

20130222-122854.jpg1. Rainboots! I remembered to wear them! I hate the rain- but at least I got to wear the boots!

2. A toast to the Bachelor! It’s down to 3! We had a Martinelli’s toast to commemorate the occasion. [spoiler alert!] It’s so weird to me that Des left and that Catherine is still there! I feel like Catherine should have gone home at the beginning! Now it’s all about AshLee, for me. (Oh and what was with that shower scene in the last ep?!? weird!)

3. 24hr Prayer Kick Off The Lord is doing SOMETHING on our campus! So many great leaders and prayer warriors in our midst! Wow!

4. Happy Birthday Maggie! My “little” sister turned 24 this week! Happy Birthday, Mag!

5. Joyce  I just started reading this book and it is so challenging! I randomly found out she was speaking at Phoenix First last night- so I hopped in my car and went! Even though I was in the SECOND overflow room (haha) I still was deeply convicted and challenged to not carry offense because it doesn’t serve me.

This weekend is going to be busy busy! The XA Support Banquet is tomorrow and my dear dear dear mentor & friend Angela is coming into town for the occasion! So exciting!

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Links on Links!


It really is a beautiful thing to live in Arizona where it is 80* in February! I love it! I also love lots of these links that I’ve found around the web!

If I didn’t already have my polka dotted pants (the ones I wore on Valentine’s Day), I would totally be trying to do this DIY version! A total statement and so cute!

A really challenging/interesting thought.

This is an adorable idea being done by friends of a friend: they are taking a photo EVERY DAY of the first year they are married IN THEIR WEDDING CLOTHES! They are so cool and so super creative and just cool.

I stumbled upon this blog recently. She has a great design and lots of cool ideas!

This is just a hilarious story.

In crazy, sad news, a 9 year old girl gave birth in Mexico

Love this quote.

Please look at this page’s cover photo. Yes, she’s serious.

I’m pretty much in love with all of the New Arrivals from Kate Spade

Have you checked out the ASU Chi Alpha blog? There are some amazing pieces students have written and I will just sing their praises all night and day!

Hope you’ve enjoyed hopping around the Internet with me!

Katie Cannon

**This post is based on Sometimes Sweet‘s “Weekend Links.” You can read her latest links here.

High Five for Friday!

I’m back from my H54F Hiatus! Haha The past few weeks have been cray! But I know these are Mag’s fav, and I like doing them too! Here goes!
20130215-131220.jpg1. Arise2013 Kristen & Abby journeyed with me to the far off land of Glendale for Arise2013– a young adults conference.   We got to meet lots of people, share about XA, and spend time together! We learned lots about relationships, singleness, and Native American Culture!

2. TAYLOR! I had the extreme treat to see Taylor while she was on the mainland briefly! So fun to spend time with these girls! We did not match on purpose. 🙂

3. Valentine’s Day with the Ladies! Despite lackluster service, we had a great time at Studio Movie Grill seeing Safe Haven.

4. Little Helper. Aves came with me to campus on Wednesday. She is 4 going on 22.

5. Lunch with Magglio. I’m so thankful to have sisters that are my best friends! We tried America’s Taco Shop and it was deeeeelish!

In an effort to make my own eyes not bleed, I’ve updated the look of the blog a little bit and updated the cute ideas page! I also added a “gift guides” page. Check ’em out! (Especially if you’re reading this from Google Reader or something!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


You guys…. I love Valentine’s Day! I just love it! I love the candy, I love the colors, and I love that it’s about love!

Growing up, we always got really fun Valentine’s Day treats from my mom and dad. I loved handing out Valentines to my class….and stressing out about who to give which Valentine too! Oh 3rd grade stress! One year I gave out Clarissa Explains it All valentines. They were SO COOL!

Here is an example that Google so graciously provides:


My other most prominent Valentine’s Day memory was coming home from kindergarten with a big envelope of valentines. The envelope had a long string on it- like a purse strap? And I tripped over it on to our front stoop and my whole forehead got all scraped up! On top of that, my mom wasn’t home and I had to go to the neighbors. (For the record, my mom came home like 2 seconds layers haha) So you could say its kind of a miracle that I wasn’t scarred for life…har har har.

I also love Valentine’s Day because of sweet notes like this one:


At the ripe age of 25, my mom still sends me a Valentine’s Day package- full of goodies and jewelry!


Later tonight, I’m getting together with some ladies and we’re doing dinner & a movie. (Gotta love a good Studio Movie Grill Groupon!) We’re doing an earring exchange too! I’m so excited to get dressed cute and have some fun!

I hope Valentine’s is as fun for you as it is for me! I hope you spread some love to special people in your life! Most of all, I hope it’s a day that you can focus on how loved and blessed you are! If you’re lonely- reach out! Take back Valentine’s Day this year!

Links on Links.


Life has been crazy and busy and crazy! I went to a conference last weekend for young adults & I was promoting Chi Alpha. I was so confused about WHY no one I knew had heard about this conference…and it turns out it was being put on by the Latin/Native American District. Hahah I was glowingly white. We were welcomed with open arms into this tight knit community. More on that later…but I do have lots of links to share. Most with a Valentine’s Day theme. I love this holiday of love!

I know I mentioned Eurasia Cafe recently, but I love their challenge to preform 3 random acts of kindness before Valentine’s Day! Let me know if you take the challenge! I’m going to do it!

Obvs, I love a good read about millennials. This article lists all the things we were blamed for ruining this year.

This article made the recent decision to end Saturday mail feel more real! I love this idea of sending more mail! And I feel so sad for this author!

These printable “Perfect Pairings” valentines are so sweet! It makes me want to look for a reason to use them!

And these valentines are just hilarious to me.

This adorable film made by an adorable blog is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

I mentioned Meal Match in my gift guide post, but it really is an amazing app! You check in at local restaurants, and they send a meal to someone who needs one. We all got to eat- why not do it with some purpose. XA is going to do a mass meal match- you’re totally invited to join us.

Speaking of Events, Shawn & Candi are hosting their 3rd annual support banquet! Free dinner, free child are, and free testimonies of what God is doing on campus! You’re totally invited to that too!